14 eLearning Platforms with Great Online Courses

Do you want to change your career or take it to the next level? Fortunately, these days, there are literally hundreds of opportunities available to those who want to learn online at their convenience. From Data Science to programming to photography and music, there is absolutely no limit to what you can learn when you enroll for an online course.

However, finding the right elearning platform is anything but a walk in the park. Before settling for the right online learning platform for your needs, you need to consider your learning goals, especially with respect to the skills you need to develop. This article will help you browse the Internet much faster in search of the right eLearning website for your learning needs and goals. Without further ado, here are the best eLearning platforms in 2020 to consider.

Best Online Learning Platforms to Consider in 2020

1. Coursera

coursera review 2020

  • Over 1’600 online courses in several fields;
  • More than 1,000 FREE online courses
  • Over 23 million registered users.

Founded back in 2012, Coursera remains one of the most popular online learning platforms that provides a huge database of online courses. All their education services come with open access. The platform collaborates with several universities and organizations to ensure the courses are tailored to suit the market’s trends. The platform has several free courses while others require you to pay a certification fee.

Coursera Pros

  • All the courses are super-convenient. Basically, you can learn from anywhere, and at your own pace
  • Every course comes with useful resources and easy to follow video tutorials
  • The schedule is extremely flexible
  • The platform provides learning services in multiple languages like English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, and Italian.
  • Both individual students and organizations can sign up for Coursera courses
  • There are tens of free courses

Coursera cons

  • Most courses are designed for beginners only
  • Coursera focuses their courses on popularity
  • You lose access to the resources once you are through with the course. Learners cannot review the course materials once they are through with the program

Coursera courses

Most learners on Coursera platform are looking for courses in the following fields: Physics, social sciences, computer science, Medicine, Engineering, Business, Mathematics, Humanities, Digital Marketing, Data Science, etc. Here are some of the courses with the highest number of active students.

  • Machine Learning;
  • The Science of Well-Being;
  • English for Career Development;
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies.

2. PluralSight

Pluralsight review

  • Over 6’000 different courses in more than 10 subjects and fields;
  • New courses are added every day.

PluralSight might not have accreditation as a learning institution. However, it has earned a credible reputation with people and organizations seeking to grow their skills. Any certification you complete through this platform has a high chance of being recognized and valued by potential employers and head-hunters. You will not find any discounts on this platform. However, you will certainly benefit from the platform’s partnership with Microsoft Azure.

When it comes to pricing, the platform offers both monthly and annual pricing for its courses. Two plans are available:

  • Personal plans – this is comprised of several useful perks like learning paths, certificates, course library, mobile apps, discussions, offline viewing, and exercise files among others
  • Premium plans – These include all the features of the personal plan as well as certification practice exams, interactive courses, and projects

Pluralsight pros

  • The platform offers both phone and email customer support
  • There is a free trial period so you can try their courses to see if they are right for your learning needs
  • The pricing options are quite friendly, especially considering that you will gain full access to the platform’s online course library
  • Support is given in real time by experienced mentors
  • Learners can audit their classes on mobile devices

Pluralsight Cons

  • The platform is not beginner friendly
  • Courses have very specific content
  • When you are studying a course that require some software, you will need to purchase the license on your own.

Pluralsight Courses

Some of the popular courses sought on this platform are those in industries like software development and IT. Business, Manufacturing, Cybersecurity, and architecture courses are also available. Some of Pluralsight’s most popular courses include:

  • Java related courses
  • Pattern design
  • C++ programming
  • Object oriented design

3. edX

edX 2020 Review: Platform details, features, and Pricing

  • 12 million subscriptions;
  • More than 1’600 free courses;
  • Over 100 prestigious higher education institutions.

Founded in 2012, edX was created by a team of scientists from two of the world’s well-known institutions: Harvard University, and MIT. Their mission was simple: offer high-quality online education from learners from all over the world. Upon enrolling, you will gain unregulated access to a wide range of courses related to dozens of topics. And all their courses are taught by university professors.

Students access and audit all the platform’s courses and resources at no fee. They can also take part in the program’s activities like assignments and exams. However, they will only receive the certification upon paying the course’s fee.

edX pros

  • Learners have access to a huge database of world-class courses
  • Learners have the option of either enrolling for times classes or self-paced alternatives
  • Every course is structured in modules with video tutorials
  • Learners can audit the courses they like for free and receive Honor certificates

edX cons

  • The platform needs to update and improve the discussion section
  • Apart from science courses, the platform presents some gaps with respect to other specializations
  • According to some users, edX courses should only be considered as a tool to learn new stuff as a hobby rather than official education alternatives

edX Courses

On the platform, you will find a large range of courses on subjects like computer science, engineering, humanities, data science, management, business, and languages. Some of the platform’s most popular courses include:

  • The Science of Happiness;
  • English Grammar and Style;
  • Introduction to Marketing;
  • Introduction to C++; etc.

4. CreativeLive Online Classes

  • Their most valuable course had a massive audience of 150’000 students;
  • Over 2 million students.

This eLearning platform allows learners from all over the world to access broadcast classes. The company have their headquarters in San Francisco and Seattle. CreativeLive creates their lectures in the company’s in-house production studios. Their feed is live 24/7 across 5 different channels, with each channel covering a specific topic: crafts, art and design, business and money, photo and video, and music and audio.

CreativeLive Pros

  • The classes focus on interaction and a modern approach to learning new stuff
  • New content is uploaded on the platform every week
  • You can watch live classes for free

CreativeLive cons

  • The platform focuses mainly on creative topics like arts and music and less on technical subjects

CreativeLive courses

CreativeLive courses are grouped into five categories, and these categories also have sub-categories based on the genres, techniques, skills, etc. Some of the most popular classes include:

  • Mastering your people skills;
  • How to build real confidence and self-esteem;
  • Adobe Photoshop CC;
  • Time management;
  • Newborn photography, etc.

5. SkillShare

Skillshare review 2020

  • Over 15’000 online courses in fields like photography, business, languages, and more;
  • Over 250 free online courses;
  • 5 million subscriptions.

Created by Malcolm Ong and Michael Karnjanaprankorn in 2010, SkillsShare is dedicated to learners who want to develop new skills or improving existing ones by editing educational videos. All online courses are available through subscription. What most learners love about this platform is the fact that most courses are based on interaction rather than lectures. Their main purpose is helping learners by teaching different things through practical methods like projects and assignments.

SkillShare cons

  • Learners can opt for free membership which allows them to browse through a limited number of courses or opt for the paid membership plan which costs $9.95 per month
  • Courses are self-paced hence there are no deadlines or timelines.
  • Courses are taught by industry leaders like Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Guy Kawasaki
  • Price range is lower than other platforms
  • Straightforward and interactive website design

SkillShare cons

  • Creative courses tend to have higher quality content in comparison to non-creative courses.
  • Lectures do not have standard lengths. A single video can last from 10 minutes to several hours
  • Learners must follow several steps to enroll for a course and go through its content online so the learning process can be quite overwhelming.

SkillShare Courses

SkillShare courses are grouped into 4 main categories:

  • Creative – film production, graphic design, writing, music production, illustration, etc.;
  • Business – finance, accounting, marketing, management, sales, etc.;
  • Technology – IT security, data science, web development, etc.;
  • Lifestyle – gaming, teaching, languages, culinary, crafts, health, wellness, etc.

6. SimpliLearn

SimpliLearn 2020 Review: Is it worth the hype?

  • Over 200 courses in project management and professional technical fields;
  • These programs are globally recognized by more than 20 internationally leading bodies.

SimpliLearn is an excellent online learning platform if you want to learn new skills from the comfort of your home. While it has its share of drawbacks, it still remains one of the best elearning platforms that provide unique learning experience. The fees vary from one course to another and some of the courses have high prices, reaching up to $600. Such courses are premium hence the high price tag.

SimpliLearn Pros

  • Courses are taught by experienced instructors
  • Learning is self-paced for flexible scheduling
  • The platform has a user-friendly interface
  • Learners can watch all courses live
  • Most certificates obtained from this platform are recognized by the major accrediting institutions

SimpliLearn cons

  • Lectures are held in classes of up to 30 learners so you can expect interruptions from other learners

SimpliLearn courses

The platform offers online courses in the following subject areas:

  • Big data;
  • Project management;
  • Cloud computing – Microsoft Azure, Blockchain, etc.;
  • Cyber security;
  • Quality management;
  • Software development – Java, PHP, Python, etc.;
  • Business intelligence – data science, business analytics, etc.;
  • Digital marketing – SEO certification, PPC certification, email marketing, social media, etc.

7. Edureka!

Edureka! 2020 review and ratings

  • Over 400’000 subscriptions.

Edureka! offers online corporate training in technical and digital topics. In just a couple of years, Edureka! has gone from a small startup to one of the top eLearning platforms in the world. The platform is all about hands-on experience. Edureka! constantly collaborates with educational institutions.

Edureka! Pros

  • Edureka offers more comprehensive courses that other learning platforms
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support
  • Comprehensive resources and video tutorials
  • Available on Android and iOS devices

Edureka! cons

  • There are no course upgrades
  • Some courses can be very costly

Edureka! Courses

Edureka offers detailed online courses in subjects such as the ones listed below:

  • Big data – Python Spark certification, ELK Stack training, etc.;
  • Cloud computing – Google Cloud certification, AWS development, etc.;
  • Programming – Java, Python, Node.js, etc.;
  • Artificial intelligence – machine learning, graphical models, etc.;
  • Software testing – automation testing and other courses;
  • Databases – SQL, Teradata certification, and more;
  • Digital marketing – Google Analytics;
  • Mobile development – Android and iOS app development;
  • Frontend development – JavaScript, etc.

8. QuickStart Courses

QuickStart Review 2020

QuickStart is definitely one of the best and most popular eLearning providers. In 2017, they launched the CLIPP platform, which is their cognitive learning tool. This is built on a powerful AI and it offers tailor-made courses that create an overall personalized learning experience. QuickStart courses are designed for IT professionals and tech professionals.

Learners can choose one of their 3 available subscription plans:

  • Learn Plan- costs $14.99 per month and learners can benefit from one-week free trial
  • Master Plan – is $2,999 per year and learners can request a demo;
  • MasterPlus+ Plan – costs $6,500 per year and learners get access to all the platform’s services, including bootcamps and certifications.

QuickStart Pros

  • The platform has over 100 free courses
  • Self-paced online classes
  • The platform offers massive discounts on their courses from time to time

QuickStart Cons

  • The platform only offers courses on IT and tech topics.

QuickStart Courses

QuickStart provides plenty of useful programs and classes in a wide range of subjects:

  • Business productivity;
  • App development;
  • Cloud computing;
  • User experience;
  • Big data;
  • Information security; etc.

9. ed2go Online Courses

ed2go review

  • Over 2 million students;
  • Collaborates with over 2,000 universities and colleges.

Created in 2007 and headquartered in Boston, Ed2go is part of Cengage learning. This online learning provider offers both certificate courses as well as corporate training. The platform is excellent for those who want to take their careers to the next level. Learners gain access to tons of useful courses that are both educational and enriching. Ed2Go, like other elearning platforms, provide self-based tutorials and instructor-led courses. However, some of their classes are highly priced compared to other elearning platforms.

edGo pros

  • Wide range of courses at different prices
  • Most course prices include materials and books
  • Courses are quite flexible and learners have up to six months to complete a program

edGo cons

  • The credits are non-transferable
  • Mac users cannot edit video tutorials

ed2Go Courses

Some of the most popular courses you will find on edGo platform are:

  • HTML basics;
  • Learning the keys to effective communication;
  • Speed Spanish;
  • Accounting fundamentals;
  • Medical coding;
  • Project management;
  • Business writing;
  • Grant writing;
  • Java training;
  • Financial management, etc.

10. 360Training

360Traininf review

  • More than 4 million subscriptions;
  • Over 6,000 online courses;
  • Available in 70+ countries.

360Training is both a learning engagement website as well as a training platform. It is designed to create learner-friendly environment and bring learners and tutors together in a beneficial commonplace. Tutors are able to set up their courses in just a couple of clicks. Students, on the other hand, encounter a wonderful digital learning experience. 360Training is a great platform for individual students as well as corporate training. Thus, managers who want to provide viable training for their employees might find 360Training quite helpful.

360Training pros

  • Most 360Training courses are significantly discounted
  • The platform is reputable among well-known organizations like Samsung, Amazon, Whole Foods, and hundreds of brands that use it to train their employees.
  • Courses are based on a click-and-train system, which means learners can learn at their personal pace
  • Learners are able to browse through a wide range of topics and purchase any course without paying through the nose. Simply put, their courses are affordable.

360Training cons

  • Most courses offered by 360Training are only meeting the basic industry needs

360Training Courses

  • Food and beverage programs;
  • Industrial skills;
  • Insurance education;
  • Power and utilities;
  • Real estate;
  • Business skills;
  • Environmental health and safety;
  • Quality management;
  • Trades and engineering;
  • Financial services;
  • HR, ethics, and compliance.

11. FutureLearn

Future Learn Review 2020

  • On FutureLearn, you will find 700+ courses, most of which are free of charge.

Founded in 2012 by The Open University, FutureLearn is yet another reputable online learning provider. The platform is a MOOC, which stands for “massive open online course.” All their courses have lectures from reputable universities and colleges. Learners can follow their courses from any device, from laptops to smartphones and tablets.

FutureLearn Pros

  • Learners have access to hundreds of online courses at their disposal
  • There are several free courses on the platform
  • The platform is beginner friendly

FutureLean cons

  • Learners who take free courses lose access to their materials two weeks after completing the course

FutureLean Courses

There are three types of courses:

  • Short courses – you can learn new abilities while following a flexible program;
  • In-depth courses – these will help you achieve academic or professional accreditation;
  • Online degrees – you can build your way to a degree through a pay-as-you-learn system.

When it comes to available categories, there’s nothing you cannot find here: from creative arts, languages, and psychology to tech, coding, science, politics, law, and environment.

12. Virtual College

Virtual College Review

  • Over 3 million subscriptions;
  • 22 years of experience and market presence;
  • More than 300 online courses.

Founded in 1995, Virtual College is an accredited online education platform whose learning management system is based exclusively on cloud computing. The Virtual College attracts well over 1500 new students per day and provides both accredited and non-accredited training.

Virtual College pros

  • An award-winning platform with a wide range of courses accompanied by expert advice
  • It is accredited by several bodies including CPD and Microsoft
  • The platform operates in compliance with ISO 9001 which is a quality management standard
  • An interactive and engaging platform with easy-to-follow programs

Virtual College cons

Some users have reported that the company’s representatives do not respond to queries in a timely manner

Virtual College Courses

From healthcare and food hygiene to management and business, students will find plenty of courses on this website. Some of the most popular courses on Virtual College include:

  • Food allergy awareness;
  • First aid course;
  • COSHH training course;
  • Safeguarding children certification;
  • Digital business skills;
  • Social media for businesses, etc.

13. Udemy

Udemy review 2020

  • Over 50,000 courses;
  • Over 10 million subscriptions.

Just like Coursera, Udemy is one of the largest online learning platforms. Through the platform, tutors offer useful courses that are designed for professionals. However, it is important to note that most courses on this platform are not accredited. While online courses on this platform are not recognized by employers and educational institutions, they can certainly help you gain or develop new skills which might greatly boost your career.

Udemy pros

  • The platform has a strong community of experienced tutors and learners
  • Most courses are fairly priced. Plus, the platform is known to offer massive discounts on their courses on a regular basis
  • A large database of online course libraries on a wide range of topics
  • Easy to access learning materials and resources

Udemy cons

  • A few learners complained of poor customer support
  • Some courses are not properly detailed

Udemy Courses

Udemy offers courses in 12 different categories:

  • Business – finance, sales, project management, etc.;
  • Personal Development – leadership, productivity, stress management, etc.;
  • Lifestyle – beauty, travel, crafts, etc.;
  • Design – user experience, web design, interior design, fashion, graphic design, etc.;
  • Music – techniques, instruments, vocal, etc.;
  • Marketing – branding, social media, advertising, etc.;
  • Photography – portraits, commercial photography, fundamentals, digital photography, etc.

14. International Open Academy

International Open Academy Review

This online learning platform is without doubt one of the best eLearning platforms out there, and it is also an accredited e-learning platform. You can access their courses from any location. This eLearning platform will help you realize your dreams, develop as a professional, and grow on both as a person. IOA’s easy-to-follow courses are diverse and designed to empower students realize their true potential.

International Open Academy pros

  • Whether you are looking to boost your career or learn a new hobby, IOA has a course for everyone
  • Courses are highly informative and self-paced
  • The interface is user-friendly
  • Courses are fairly priced

International Open Academy cons

  • We could not find any significant drawback

International Open Academy Courses

There is a large database of online certifications on this platform: sport, beauty and fashion, event management, teaching, interior design, languages, writing, cooking, photography, health, business, hobbies, and more.

Here are some of the most popular courses on this platform:

  • Car maintenance;
  • Dog behavior and training;
  • Makeup artistry;
  • Accounting;
  • Criminology; etc.

That’s it! There were 14 of the best eLearning platforms you should give a try. Keep an eye for our new content and discover more helpful information about eLearning and the services offered by these platforms.

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