18 High Demand Skills That You Can Learn Online and Boost Your Income in 2020 and Beyond

On-demand skills you can learn today

With these skills, you will stand out like a unicorn in a sea of donkeys.

Skill acquisition is crucial in advancing your career and income prospects. Thanks to a wide range of online certification courses, there are lots of skills that you can learn online at your convenience, and without paying through the nose. Whether you are self-employed and hoping to advance your skills and build your own business, or looking to land your dream job, these on-demand skills will definitely set you on the right path.

Here are 15 marketable skills you should consider signing up for right away.

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1. Web Development

Web development is one of the most sought after skill today thanks to the need for businesses to have their presence online in order to generate more sales. And the good news is, you can learn web development online from the comfort of your home. Here are some of the most online website development courses for your consideration:

Beginner web developer courses

Intermediate web developer courses

Advanced web developer courses

2. Video Editing

This is yet another marketable skill that you can easily acquire online. Businesses and individuals are constantly looking for individuals who can create, edit, and manage their YouTube channels. There are many platforms out there where you can learn video editing and make a living off this skill. Here are top video editing courses you may want to look at:

3. Advanced Excel Skills


Spreadsheets are a staple of pretty much every business process, and mastering how to apply formulas and other features to organize and process data in Excel can help save business tons of time, while earning you some good money 😉

You can sign up for these popular online Excel courses:

4. Photography

Good-quality photographs greatly enhance any news article, blog post, or social media post. Platforms like Udacity, Coursera, and Edureka! have tons of photography courses, from beginner lessons to advanced instructions on various photography facets. Here are some of them:

5. Graphic design

Mastering how to create logos and edit images can let you do stuff from creating memes to designing brand logos, graphics for websites, and marketing materials. Here are amazing online graphic courses for your consideration.

6. Writing

This is, without doubt, the most ubiquitous skill in this compilation. It is also the most fundamental. No matter what industry you are in, being able to communicate well in writing is an important asset. You can polish up your writing skills and even learn new skills with these online writing courses:

7. Social media marketing

Social media marketing is an ever-changing field. As such, staying on top of the game is crucial. And whether you are looking to learn the basics or advance your skills, there is no shortage of online social media marketing courses to choose from. Here are some of the most popular social media marketing courses worth checking out:

8. Leadership

Want to learn to inspire others, take control, and lead your teams to success? Online learning platforms like Coursera, Future learn, and Edureka! have high-quality leadership courses worth checking out.

9. Cyber security and ethical hacking


Ethical hacking is the process of accessing computer networks and systems with the goal of locating vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious hackers. Any information uncovered is then applied to eliminate loopholes and improve the system’s security. There are tons of online cyber security and ethical hacking courses that you can sign up with and acquire this prestigious certification. Here are some of them:

10. Accounting and CPA

Accounting refers to the practice of analyzing and keeping the business’ financial records in good shape. Here are some of the most popular online accounting courses for your consideration.

11. Project Management

PMP Online Training by Edureka

The demand for project managers is on the rise. With sound project management skills, you can apply leadership in an organized and productive manner. Remember, being able to keep tabs on every component of the project to completion can be a huge challenge. You have to figure out how to keep everyone organized, engaged, motivated and productive as much as possible. This is where the following online product management certifications come in:

12. Public speaking

Let’s face it! Most people fear public speaking. This is a skill that takes adequate training and practice to perfect. Being able to speak before a crowd is invaluable, and these online public speaking courses are all you need to get started as a professional public speaker:

13. Cloud computing

Python Online Training by Edureka

Cloud computing is one of the hottest industries with a growing demand for qualified professionals. The average salary of a cloud computing specialist is $124,000. To land a job in this field, you need a number of specific skills. Here are some of the online cloud computing certifications that can help you set off your career in this field.

14. Programming

The demand for developer and programming skills is on the rise, and this is not changing anytime soon. Earning a certification in programming can give you an edge in the job market by setting you apart from your peers. You will finally hold the qualifications and certifications for better jobs, or for that all-important promotion. Here are 5 programming certifications that will certainly boost your career:

15. Blockchain

Blockchain Certification

As the acceptance of cryptocurrency grows, so does the need for individuals with the skills needed to develop and advance blockchain programs. Today’s blockchain certification courses will be useful for current and future blockchain developers, smart contract developers, as well as senior front-end engineers. If you are looking to land a dream job at Amazon, Google, IBM, Apple, or JP Morgan Chase, to name but a few, consider signing up for one or more of these popular online block chain certification programs:

16. AWS Certified Developer – Associate

As organizations continue embracing cloud technology, machine learning, Internet of Things, and other emerging technologies, AWS Certified Developer certification is becoming an incredibly valuable skill. The Amazon Web Associate Developer certification from Amazon is designed for professionals who work, or aspire to work, with the core AWS services. This certification demonstrates your ability to develop, deploy, and debug cloud-based applications with Amazon Web Services.

17. App Developer

If there is one evergreen job title for software developers that are constantly getting greener, it has to be mobile app developers. If you want to make a living designing, building and/or maintaining mobile applications for either Android or iOS platforms, then you learn app development skills. Here are top online app developer courses you can look up on for this skill:

18. Data Science

Data Science is gaining tremendous traction in the job market as data analytics, Big Data, data mining, and machine learning becoming increasingly relevant to the mainstream IT industry. The demand for skilled data professionals can only be expected to grow. And the good news is, you too can jump into the bandwagon and become a data specialist with the following online certification courses:

There you have it! Whether you are changing a career, starting one, or simply taking up a new skill for a hobby, these online certifications can add significant value to your skillset. All you need to do is devote a couple of hours every week to advance your skills, career, and possibly…income, all at your convenience from the comfort of your home.

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