7 Amazing Courses to Learn Web Development Online

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Looking to fast-tack your web development skills? One of these online website development courses will help you realize your goals and build a lucrative career in web design and development.

Web development keeps the world afloat. Think of every website you have ever visited: social networking sites, online banks, job boards, eCommerce. Now take out these sites coding and markups. What is left? A bunch of websites that do not work. And millions, perhaps billions, of web users and customers who cannot access the sites they love or are looking for.

Pretty much every internet user relies on web development. Yet to some people, web development is quite an elusive skill. They are not ready to face unknown languages, solve complex puzzles, and handle endless mazes of the online world. Yet to other people, web development is the next frontier.

So, what is Web Development?

Basically, web development refers to any activity related to website functionality and development. While every website development project is unique, three fundamental components influence interaction between a website and its users:

  1. Client or Frontend – the local computer, browser or device. The major challenge in this case is to ensure that a website functions optimally on different browsers
  2. Server or Backend – this refers to the site code generation and database handling.
  3. Database – A database is the information generated or used within the website.

Once these three crucial components are identified, it is easy to track where website development lies in the entire process.

Why learn website development?

Thanks to growth in digital literacy, everything is going online from shopping to learning, all the way to food delivery. This has resulted in a growing need for website developers. These professionals build interactive websites for different kinds of businesses thus allowing organizations to have a global reach with their products and services.

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Choosing the right online website development course

Here are a few pointers that can help you find the right website development course online:

  1. Your learning goals

To find the best online website development course, you need to start off by asking yourself what you are looking for in a website development program. Do you want to learn to develop websites just for fun, for a career, for expanding your knowledge, or so you can find a part-time job as a web developer? Finding the right online course for website development will be a lot easier if you have clear goals. This will help you find your own purpose and criteria, which can be important when choosing the right design course.

  1. Course duration

How much time are you ready to invest in learning how to develop a website on your own? This will determine whether you will be choosing a self-paced online learning module or a live training program.

  1. Cost of the online course

The cost of an online website development course is another important factor to consider. Is the course free or paid? Does it have a money back guarantee or a free trial period? And, can you pay for the program in installments?

  1. Course description and previous students’ feedback

The course description together with previous learners’ feedback is important parameters when assessing the quality of the program. An online course with several negative feedback is probably not the right fit for you.

  1. The institution sponsoring the course

Generally, an online course that is sponsored by a reputable university or institute tends to offer more professional and high quality training. Having a prestigious institution on your certificate and resume can also help you gain an edge in the job.

  1. Customer support

You want to find an online program that comes with great student forum and customer support.


Top Online Website Development Courses Online in 2020

Below are 7 of the best online website development courses for you to master web development from scratch.

1. Learn Web Design According to Your Life on Ed2go

Ed2go offers flexible online website development courses. Students can freely select their courses and learn website design skills as well as multiple industry standard design tool like Animate, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver. These courses are ideal for beginners or designers seeking to learn website design skills and earn their diploma at their pace and schedule.


  • Course training is scheduled around the learner’s life
  • Learners can choose dedicated instructors based on their specific needs
  • Most courses take between 24 hours and 6 weeks to complete

2. Website Design Courses on Coursera

Coursera gives learners access to online courses on a wide range of topics, including online website development courses. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced web developer seeking to advance your skills, you will definitely find the right online course for your learning needs on this platform.


  • Online website development courses cover a wide range of learning levels, from beginners to advanced
  • Leaners have access to a wide range of website development courses including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, responsive web design, single page design, UX/UI design, and important design principles among other applications.
  • Some courses come with 7-day free trials
  • Multiple languages are supported

3. Basics of Web Development and Coding by University of Michigan

This online website development course is facilitated by the University of Michigan and is designed to teach learners how to build a web portfolio using CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript, for free!  The program covers the following 5 courses:

  • Introduction to HTML5
  • Introduction to CSS3
  • Interactivity to JavaScript,
  • Advanced Styling with Responsive Design
  • Web Design for Everybody Capstone

Students get to learn and enhance their website development skills through online courses, practice questions, graded questions, and programming assignments. This online course is perfect for beginners who are motivated to gain important website development skills. You will learn how to create interactive websites for mobile devices as well as computers. You will be required to complete a web portfolio at the end of this program.

4. Python for Everybody by the University of Michigan

Some folks just love to learn a little bit of everything: some CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and a host of tools about high-level programming languages. Other people love focusing on one thing at a time. If this is you, then you need to sign up for this online course.

This four part online course explains everything you need to know about Python. You will start by learning the basics of Python before learning how to construct programs using this language. Next, you will be introduced to Python data structures, which is instrumental for analyzing complex data. Next, you will learn how to apply Python in accessing web data. Finally, you will learn how to use databases with Python.

By the end of this 140- 150-hour course, you will possess the skills you need to start a career in website development.

5. Full-Stack Website Development with React by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

If you are an intermediate website developer seeking to focus on full-stack website development, then this online course is for you. This website development course is relatively long and comprehensive, requiring about six months to complete.

The program is divided into four parts:

  1. Client-side web UI frameworks using Bootstrap 4
  2. JavaScript-based front-end application development using React library
  3. Multiplatform mobile app development using React Native
  4. Server-sided website development using Node.JS, Express, and MongoDB.

6. Building Web Applications in PHP by the University of Michigan

This course is produced by the University of Michigan and is designed to cater to the intermediate web developer. The course requires around 90 hours to complete. This course is excellent for users with prior website development background who are looking to advance their skills.

This course is divided into four parts:

  1. Building web applications in PHP
  2. Structured Query Language (SQL)
  3. Building database applications in PHP
  4. JavaScript, jQUERY, and JSON

Students will have access to videos, quizzes, and graded programming assignments as well as peer feedback.

7. Web Application Development with JavaScript and MongoDB

This is a more specialized online course compared to the six above. However, you do not need any experience to get started with it. This online certification program will teach you how to create the best user experience for computers as well as mobile devices.

The course is divided into the following six parts:

1.      Coding with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

2.      Responsive web design

3.      Introduction to Meteor.js Development

4.      Web Application Development with JavaScript and MongoDB

5.      Responsive Website tutorial

6.      A capstone project

By the end of this program, you will be able to create a complete, multi-user, responsive, data-driven website that aims to solve a specific problem.

These are some of the best online courses for website development in 2020. With your learning goals in mind, take a deeper look into each of these courses in order to settle for one that will best address your learning needs.


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