8 Best Online FinTech Courses For The Modern Finance Expert


Are you looking for some of the best online FinTech courses, classes, and certifications out there? Well, look no further! Below is a handy list of helpful resources that will help you kick start your FinTech learning journey. All these certifications will definitely improve your skills. And once you complete your certification, you will be able to pursue a lucrative career in the financial industry. In other words, you will be on the path to a successful career.

But first, what is FinTech?

FinTech is a term used to describe Financial Technology, an industry that encompasses any kind of technology applicable in financial services – from businesses straight to consumers. FinTech describes any organization that provides financial solutions through software or other technology and includes anything from crypto-currency to mobile payment apps.

Broadly, FinTech describes any company that utilizes the Internet, software technology, mobile devices or cloud services to connect with or offer financial solutions. Most FinTech products are designed to connect users’ finances with technology for hassle-free use. The term can also be applied to business-to- business technologies too.

FinTech has made inroads with dozens of applications and have transformed the way consumers access and utilize their funds. From insurance and investment companies to mobile payment apps like Square(SQ), there is no doubt that FinTech has disrupted the traditional financial industry, and is posing a serious threat to the traditional brick and mortar financial institutions.

The FinTech industry is still in its initial stages. However, it is a very promising industry with experts asserting that it is bound to change the financial sphere at an international scale. While the online FinTech courses outlined below may not make you a finance expert, they will certainly provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this industry. Online FinTech courses cover a broad range of subjects. You will learn financial regulations, risk management, blockchain technology, and innovation strategies, among other amazing technologies.

Are you still wondering whether you should sign up for online FinTech classes? Well, the answer is simple: today’s world is all about technology and no business can competitively function without embracing tech innovations in all its units, including the finances. FinTech is simply an improved way of thinking on the move!

So go ahead and check these online FinTech courses out.

1. Coursera

This online FinTech course will introduce you to risk management and corporate governance in the finance industry with the disruption of RegTech and FinTech. You will build confidence and learn how to analyze and make decisions on how to business strategies that takes into account operational risks as well as reputation and stability of financial institutions.

You will learn about challenges of compliance with financial requirements and well as government regulations and how to respond to these challenges. You will also learn strategies in analyzing FinTech risks and the constantly changing operational risks in the financial world. With tech firms increasingly becoming more like finance firms such as Apple, Alibaba, and Tencent, you will learn about the role of IT compliance and assurance as well as practical skills in dealing with these associated risks, changes, and challenges. This online FinTech course is offered by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

  • Course duration: 14 hours
  • Course type: Self-paced
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Course price: $ 39.00/ Per month (7-day FREE trial)

2. Coursera

Offered by University of Capetown, this online FinTech course introduces you to an overview of the changing regulatory environment since the 1997 Asian and 2008 Global Financial Crisis. Following these two major economic crises, governments around the world adopted a set of far-reaching new financial regulations that are geared towards safeguarding future financial stability. However, mainstream financial institutions find it increasingly difficult to run profitable businesses in this prevailing regulatory environment. Technology, on the other hand, has taken crucial leaps forward with the emergence of sophisticated models and artificial intelligence coupled with the arrival of the blockchain. These key developments have fueled the rise of FinTech companies around the world.

This online course outlines the role of FinTech in emerging markets using case studies from South Africa and China. The course pays special focus on the socioeconomic environment in the emerging markets. It also emphasizes the role of political risk as a major source of uncertainty for FinTech entrepreneurs. Remittances and peer-to-peer lending are used as leading examples for FinTech innovation in the emerging markets.

  • Course duration: 22 hours
  • Course type: Self-paced
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Course price: $ 39.00/ One-time payment (FREE without certificate)
  • 1,500+ people have done this course

3. Coursera

This 4-week online FinTech course is offered by Copenhagen Business School and aims to introduce you to insights about how business strategies intersect with finance and innovation. Upon successful completion of this online FinTech course, you will understand the job your FinTech innovation strategy should solve. You will also have mastered both internal and external problem solving innovations. You will be introduced to how leading global brands like Amazon and Google leverage on financial innovation to remain competitive. You will be introduced to the Capstone Project for the specialization and get an opportunity to develop preliminary solutions for a financial organization that needs to re-think its FinTech innovation strategy.

This course has a primary focus on the banking industry, with insurance as a secondary industry of focus. Most examples mentioned in the course have roots in the North American and European financial markets.

  • Course duration: 16 hours
  • Course type: Self-paced
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Course price: $ 49.00/ Per month (7-day FREE trial)
  • 4,000+ people have done this course

4. EdX

Over the past decade, emerging technologies, coupled with phenomenal changes in regulations, have driven an unprecedented financial transformation around the world. This process is happening more rapidly in Asia than the rest of the world. This online FinTech course is designed to introduce learners to FinTech fundamentals and help make sense of this revolution as it happens.

New players such as start-up technology firms are challenging the traditional players in the financial sector, bringing with them inclusion, disruption, and democratization. These firms are engaging e-commerce, social media, and telecommunication solutions as well as other start-ups with large creative energies, large customer data pools, and technical capabilities. This is resulting in competition to the existing financial infrastructure while reshaping the industry in the process.

Besides creating new challenges, these transformations have also created unprecedented opportunities, built synergies with new business and regulatory models, particularly in the emerging markets and developing countries. To respond to these changes, professionals in the financial sector must be equipped with up-to-date knowledge of the industry and its constant evolution.

Designed by the University of Hong Kong in collaboration with SuperCharger and the Center for Finance, Technology and Education, this course empowers learners with relevant tools necessary to understand the complex synergy between finance, technology, and regulation.

By utilizing a series of video lectures, case studies, and assessments, learners explore the major areas of FinTech, including:

  • Introduction to FinTech
  • Digital finance and alternative finance
  • Payment and emerging technologies
  • Data security
  • FinTech regulation and RegTech
  • The future of data driven finance
  • Core technologies driving FinTech including Blockchain, Big Data, and AI

These topics are designed to help you understand the FinTech landscape and ecosystem and understand the potential direction of future change.

  • Course duration: 18 hours
  • Course type: Self-paced
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Course price: $ 99.00/ One-time payment (FREE without certificate)

5. Coursera

The primary goal of this course is to help you understand FinTech and build confidence in your ability to analyze and provide recommendations to financial executives regarding how to respond to these changes.

Being the first MOOC on FinTech in Asia-Pacific, this HKUST course presents the insight of several professors from top business schools in Asia as well as perspectives from industry leading professionals.

The course offers the combined strengths of HKUST in the Finance, Business, and Technology as one of the world’s leading academic institutions in important area of technology and business innovation. Learners will get a glimpse into what is going on in the most advanced FinTech markets in the world.

  • Course duration: 17 hours
  • Course type: Self-paced
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Course price: $ 39.00/ Per month (7-day FREE trial)
  • 5,500+ people have done this course

6. Coursera

There is more to success in FinTech than just great technology. You also need to understand the laws and regulations applicable to the industry. This course will empower you with that understanding. You will learn about important regulatory, legal, and policy issues associated with cryptocurrencies, online lending, initial coin offerings, wealth management technologies, new payments, as well as financial account aggregators. Additionally, you will learn how the U.S regulatory agencies are continually responding to the emergence of new technologies and how one specific agency have proposed a regulatory path for the FinTech  industry. You will also learn the traditional financial institutions are regulated in the U.S.

If you are not familiar with how these new financial technologies work, worry not. Each course begins with an elaborate overview of the underlying technology. While the course focuses on the U.S FinTech industry, the course cannot possibly cover every single legal and regulatory issue. Thus, it is important that you do not construe this course to be a legal advice. Rather, the goal of this online FinTech is to familiarize you with the key legal and regulatory challenges FinTech firms face as well as the important policy debates that are happening in Washington and state capitals around the country.

  • Course duration: 12 hours
  • Course type: Self-paced
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Course price: $ 49.00/ One-time payment (FREE without certificate)
  • 6,000+ people have done this course

7. EdX

Blockchain is the core technology powering FinTech. Blockchain was originally designed around Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Thanks to its specific features, most businesses and users find blockchain quite useful for various applications beyond cybercurrencies such as logistics, insurance, finance, and even music. Blockchain design involves cryptographic technology, which is not easy for non-IT and security professionals to understand.

In order to best understand the kinds of applications that best fit blockchain and other forms of distributed ledger technology, and the potential of these emerging technologies, you need to understand the basic technology, the rationale, as well as the underlying cryptographic fundamentals and its limitations. You will learn the following during this 6-week online course:

  1. Blockchain’s design rationale and the issues surrounding decentralized ledger transaction systems
  2. How blockchain works (the technology behind blockchain)
  3. The different blockchain platforms and what these platforms have to offer
  4. The types of applications (both emerging and traditional) that best fit the blockchain technology and how blockchain can benefit from these applications
  5. Blockchain limitations

This course aims to provide learners with a better understanding of the technological, applicability, and limitations of blockchain technology.

  • Course duration: 24 hours
  • Course type: Virtual classroom
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Course price: $ 149.00/ One-time payment (FREE without certificate)

7. EdX

There is no doubt that FinTech is rapidly transforming the financial industry. The use of digital money has become the norm, and this coupled with market and regulatory changes are creating a revolution.

After completing this 4-week course, you will be able to: describe the changes that are happening in the financial sector, identify and explain some of the major payment instruments and how they work, explain the complexities of the payment infrastructure, explain the different types of digital ledgers that exists, and explain the changes in the regulatory environment and how they promote or hinder innovation.

  • Course duration: 11 hours
  • Course type: Self-paced
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Course price: $ 49.00/ Per month (7-day FREE trial)
  • 10k+ people have done this course

If these online FinTech courses described above suits your interest, feel free to click on them to see which one fits your interest. This will greatly boost your prospects and give you a competitive edge. Happy learning!

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