9 Covid-19 Related Online Certifications with Certificate

coronavirus certifications

Healthcare providers all around the world are being cross-trained to work on critical or high acuity patient areas as fast as possible in an effort to contain Covid-19 pandemic. But as these professionals step out of their familiar zones, there are concerns that these critical professionals are not fully prepared.

Here are online certification resources, listed in no particular order, that can help healthcare workers provide accurate care for Covid-19 patients, including those undergoing training into new specialties like critical care, as well as how they can protect themselves from contracting this deadly disease.


1. COVID-19 Critical Care: Understanding and Application

Facilitated by the University of Edinburgh, this online certification program is designed to help you learn the principles and practice of critical care. You will learn how to manage critically ill patients whilst protecting yourself, peers, and loved ones.

The course will introduce you to the daily practice for frontline healthcare providers attending to critical care patients with or without Covid-19 as well as how to apply organ support principles and ventilation to care for your patients.

Both the healthcare providers and their patients’ safety are of utmost importance. This online resource will help you manage your physical and emotional wellbeing and self-care in this high-risk, high-stress environment. You will learn about the required personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as the crucial practices necessary for your own emotional support as well as your colleagues.

What is covered in this online certification program:

  • Applying existing and evolving principles of PPE in the care of Covid-19 patients
  • Applying evidence-based principles of advanced organ support and monitoring to the Covid-19 patients
  • Applying evidence-based daily practices when caring for Covid-19 patients
  • Developing a range of specialized self-care practices
  • Critically reflecting on the complex elements necessary for achieving both self-awareness and self-compassion in a high-risk, high-stress environment.

Who is this certification for?

Frontline healthcare providers who are attending to critically ill-patients during the Covid-19 pandemic.

2. Covid-19 Diagnostics and Testing

This online certification program is facilitated by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. This certification is designed to help you understand the key roles played by diagnostics in controlling outbreaks. You will discover the latest recommendations in Covid-19 testing and get the latest information on the performance tests and how they can be best deployed. Finally, you will learn how countries are setting up Covid-19 testing, and key safety considerations as well as quality and impact of diagnostic services.

What is covered in this online certification program:

  • Identifying the different types of diagnostics for Covid-19 testing and explore their current application in the Covid-19 response in order to better understand how they can be implemented in your country.
  • Engaging with your peers and learning how countries are scaling up their testing capacities while explore crucial considerations to inform your country’s planning and implementation
  • Identifying important technical as well as operational considerations for Covid-19 testing and how you can apply them in your setting to ensure safe and accurate testing services
  • Developing an understanding of global recommendations on use of Covid-19 diagnostics and testing strategies.

Who is this course for:

This online certification program is designed for healthcare professionals who are involved in testing and diagnosis of Covid-19. These may in include laboratory technicians, clinicians, program managers, and implementing partners.

3. Covid-19: Tackling the Novel Coronavirus

This online certification program is facilitated by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. It is designed to help you understand the emergence of Covid-19 and how to respond to it going forward. This certification is meant for personal use and not for commercial, professional medical, or business use.

What is covered in this online certification program:

  • How Covid-19 emerged and how it was identified
  • How Covid-19 spreads
  • Global public measures for Covid-19
  • What is governments need to do to address Covid-19 going forward

4. Managing Covid-19 in General Practice

This online certification program is facilitated by experts from St. George University, London and is designed to help healthcare providers learn how to keep their primary care practices running safely. You will explore the epidemiology, clinical symptoms and signs, as well as current management of Covid-19. Additionally, you will learn how to perform an assessment of suspected Covid-19 cases and discover the best protocol for protecting yourself and peers.

What is covered in this online certification program:

  • Background of Covid-19
  • Current situation of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom
  • Safe assessment of suspected cases
  • Covid-19 infection and control
  • Management of acutely ill patients
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5. Science Matters: Let’s Talk About Covid-19

This online certification is facilitated by the Abdul Latif-Jameel Institute for Disease Emergency Analytics (J-IDEA) and the Imperial College London. You will learn directly from the experts on the theory behind the analyses of Covid-19 and how it spreads. You will also learn how to use key principles of epidemiology, public health, health economics, medicine, as well as social science.

What is covered in this online certification program:

  • To be aware of the scale of Covid-19 outbreak and learn how to monitor trends using reliable sources of information
  • To recognize important scientific underpinnings of evidence-based outbreak control methods
  • To understand the importance of community involvement, multidisciplinary approach, and global cooperation in response to the outbreak.
  • How infectious disease modeling defines strategic and operational response at the local, national, as well as international levels.

6. Mind Control: Managing Your Mental Health During Covid-19

This online certification program is facilitated by the University of Toronto and is designed to help you gain a better understanding of how the brain reacts to crises. You will also gain powerful tools for managing your anxiety levels. You will learn strategies that will help you make isolation tolerable as well as the importance of social connection in the era of physical distancing.

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7. Fighting Covid-19 with Epidemiology: A Johns Hopkins Teach-Out

The free online certification is designed for anyone who is wants to learn how outbreaks like Covid-19 are identified and measured, and would love to understand their epidemiology. You will learn the tools used to collect and analyze data for purposes of understanding outbreaks. Additionally, this certification will help you learn how to practice safe social distancing and keep safe during this outbreak. Finally, you will receive action points that will help you implement positive changes to your life, community, and society at large.

8. Covid-19: What You Need To Know (CME Eligible)

Covid-19 is a global pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives and infected hundreds of thousands, with more anticipated. This certification is the go-to platform for practitioners looking for regular updates from WHO, CDC, and other major agencies on personal protective equipment, diagnostics, and other resources.

What is covered in this online certification program:

  • Recognizing the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for Covid-19
  • Tracking the global spread of Covid-19
  • Applying the public health measures needed to contain the spread of Covid-19 into practice

9. Covid-19 – A Clinical Update

If you are curious to know where Covid-19 pandemic came from and how it developed, then you need to sign up for this free online certification program. The certification is offered by the University of Florida’s Emerging Pathogens Institute.  You will learn about the symptoms of Covid-19, disease progression, the vulnerable group, and the risk of dying from the disease. You will also learn about the disease’s treatment options. Finally, you will take a small quiz to test your understanding of Covid-19. You will also access epidemiology peer reviewed exercises to help you understand further how Covid-19 spreads and how you can create a campaign to shift your community’s culture and embrace practices that can lead to containing the pandemic. The knowledge and skills you will gain from this free online certification program will definitely make a difference and help bend the curve.

What is covered in this online certification program:

  • Understand how Coronavirus enters the respiratory epithelial cells, invade the nasal passages, and spread to alveoli to cause hypoxia
  • Understand what makes coronavirus so infectious, how it has quickly spread around the world, and how to best contain its spread
  • Identify the clinical symptoms of Covid-19 disease and be able to give an accurate diagnosis of the disease
  • List the recommended treatment options for Covid-19 as well as treatments that are still under investigation.

There you have it. Covid-19 is expected to peak soon in many countries around the world soon, and as healthcare providers struggle to cope with the afflux, these online certifications will definitely help. Happy learning!

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