9 Most Sought After Online Certifications on Edureka!

best online certifications on Edureka

There are countless of online learning platforms out there. And then there is Edureka. While Edureka may not be the biggest, cheapest, or the fastest growing online education marketplace, it has the highest course completion rate in the elearning industry thanks to its unmatched commitment towards the students. Edureka is a universal online certification platform that offers certificate course in over 200 trending technologies with live instructor-led training, round the clock support, and a lifetime access to the course once purchased.

Edureka stands out from the crowd by providing instructor-led training. The courses are scheduled in multiple batches based on the availability of the learners. These live instructor-led certification programs stand out extraordinarily because they provide learners with the opportunity to get clear overview of the course’s curriculum and questions are responded to immediately. Read Edureka review here.

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In this article, our experts have compiled a list of the best Edureka courses, classes, and certifications available for online learners in 2020. These online certifications are available for beginners, intermediate, as well as expert learners.

1. DevOps Certification course

DevOps Online Training by Edureka

In this online certification program, you will get an in-depth knowledge of various DevOps tools like Jenkins, Git, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet and Nagios. At the end of this hands-on training, you will become a certified DevOps practitioner. You can start your lessons right away if you have any prior experience in any scripting language or Linux fundamentals. However, this should not be a hindrance. You will be given free access to self-paced tutorials on Linux fundamentals and Python scripting to get started with the basics.

What you will learn:

  • How to manage and track different course code versions using Git
  • How to use Jenkins and Maven for building and automating tests
  • How to use Selenium set of tools for automating and testing of web elements
  • How to build and deploy containerization of Docker
  • How to apply different roles and Command Line usage of Ansible
  • How to manage clustering and scaling with Kubernetes
  • How to perform continuous using Nagios
  • Finally, you will gain experience of working on an industry standard live Project

Course duration: 6 weeks

Student Feedback:

 “Edureka is BEST in provide e-learning courses for all software programs including latest technologies. I have attended Devops Course and i leant alot for it. They have good instructors. They are well structured and provided both ease of access and depth while allowing you to go at your own pace.Support team people is also really very cooperative and helps out at there best.” Rahul Kushwah

2. AWS Architect Certification Training

AWS SysOps Administrator Online Training by Edureka

This online certification program has been designed by industry leading professionals to empower you with knowledge satisfies industry demands and requirements. This course will prepare you for the AWS Certified Solutions Architects (CSA) – Associate Exam with the lectures. Additionally, you will learn how to effectively deploy secure and robust applications on AWS. You will be able to identify relevant AWS service based on data, computer, as well as security requirements.

What you will learn:

  • How to design and deploy scalable, highly available, and fault-free systems on AWS
  • How to efficiently handle Ingress and Egress data to and from AWS
  • How to identify the appropriate usage of AWS architectural best practices

Course Duration: 5 weeks

Student Feedback:

“The journey to AWS architect was great. The teacher was great and very patient with us specially having to deal with many students from all different background. I learned a lot about AWS and now I am currently register for Hadoop admin and eventually register for data science class. I am making a 180 degrees turn from IBM Tivoli Security (IAM) to the cloud and I believe, Edureka is the best place to obtain these skills. Please join them if you want to bet part of the ecosystem.” Colson Edme

3. Big Data & Hadoop Certification Training

Big Data Hadoop and Spark Online Training by Edureka

If you are looking to gain a hands-on knowledge of Big Data and Hadoop ecosystem tools like YARN, HDFS, Hive, MapReduce, Pig, Spark, HBase, Flume, Oozie, and Sqoop, this online certification is definitely for you. You will use Edureka’s Cloud Lab to learn how to work on real-life projects in industries like Retail, Social Media, Tourism, Aviation, and Finance. By the end of your certification, you will have the skills and competence you need to land a dream job in a reputable company!

Prior knowledge of SQL and Core Java will be an added advantage, though not mandatory, as the learning platform offers complementary self-paced course on “Java essentials for Hadoop” when you sign up for the Big Data and Hadoop program.

What you will learn:

  • Master MapReduce Framework and implement complex business solutions using the techniques covered
  • How to perform ETL operations and data analytics using Hive and Pig and implement partitioning, indexing, and bucketing
  • Master the best practices and work on real-world projects and cluster

Course duration: 5 weeks

Student Feedback:

“It has been a great learning experience. Never felt like a virtual class. Pavan (Instructor) ensured that he carried the entire class on the same boat though we all were from different geographies. The way he connected the dots through out the session ensured that we don’t get distracted or lost at any point of time. Thanks a lot Pavan for this wonderful demonstration. There were few topics which I am hearing for the first time & have no clue about them and he ensured that he made it very clear in the first attempt itself. Looking forward to attend his Spark & Scala Certification course also.” Sundar

4. Python Programming Certification Training

Python Online Training by Edureka

Python is without doubt one of the most widely used programming languages in today’s academic and industrial projects. So if you are looking to start a career in this lucrative field and move from a novice to a professional then this is the right course for you. You will master important topics like object oriented concepts, data and file operations, as well as various Python libraries like Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib among others. The skills acquired from this certification can set you up for a career in Data Science.

This is a beginner level certification, so all you need is a basic understanding of computer programming to get started.

What you will learn:

  • Master Python scripts, unit test code and be able to programmatically download and analyze data
  • Master techniques to manipulate different kinds of data like categorical, ordinal, encoding, and perform data visualization
  • How to use IPython notebooks and learn how to present step by step data analysis

Course duration: 4 weeks

Student Feedback:

“This is my first experience to online learning. I have taken Python Certification Training from Edureka. The instructors are knowledgeable and very helpful. Also their customer service is always available to answer your queries. Training materials were well organized and provided good case studies. Overall, it is was a great learning experience from Edureka trainers and I truly recommend Edureka to anyone looking for any online courses.” Karthik

5. Mastering Python Certification Training

Python Django Online Training by Edureka

Python scripts are used for building applications quite easily and rapidly. This online certification program is designed to introduce you to the basics of scripting and performing different kinds of operations using PyCharm. You will understand the significance of this language in real-time environment and build applications based on objected-oriented programming. By the end of the certification, you will be able to build networking applications using applicable GUI.

This certification can be taken by anyone with basic understanding of computer programming and data analysis.

What you will learn:

  • Master the scripting concepts and understand data types, decision-making statements, operators, and loops.
  • Use Boto3 to create and execute functions and modules
  • Complete a project to reinforce the skills you have learned.

Course duration: Self-paced

Student Feedback:

Hi,My experience with edureka about Python course is that I am very much impressed with the quality of the training material and the Trainer as well. You get access to previously recorded sessions just after your signup. Also, they are very quick in response for any queries you have. Online recording of the course is very useful as you can go back and refer to it any time. You have access to course and materials for ever, which is really helpful and mainly 24/7 quality support. Cheers Sravan” Sravan Kumar  

6. Robotic Process Automation Training

Are you looking to learn about robotics and automation or prepare for the UiPath’s RPA Developer Advanced Certification exam? If your answer is yes then this is the perfect online certification program for you. You will master the skills you need to perform image and text automation, design RPA solution, data manipulation, handle exceptions and execute real-life case studies.

This intermediate certification is ideal for anyone with basic coding and logical reasoning ability.

What you will learn:

  • Master Robotic Process Automation Technology and the basic concepts of UI Automation.
  • Master different types of data within the workflow and gain expertise in desktop, web, and Citrix Automation
  • Learn how to build a structured business automation process using EFramework
  • Learn how to organize real-world workflow automation project and develop skills in debugging a workflow
  • An capstone project to reinforce your skills while building your portfolio

Course duration: 4 weeks

Student Feedback:

“This has been an excellent class, one of the best I have taken in my life and that’s a lot of classes. The instructor is very knowledgeable. He knows UiPath thoroughly. He is also an excellent teacher, very responsive to student questions. His ability to do demos in real-time is truly amazing. This class has opened my eyes to the many possibilities of RPA. I took it on a lark, thinking that I wanted an RPA overview, What I got was a deep dive and a new direction for my consulting.” Thomas Miller  

7. PMP Exam Certification Training

PMP Online Training by Edureka

This online certification program is designed to help you understand the global language of project management and connect with relevant professionals. This program will help you adequately prepare for PMP certification, a globally recognized, comprehensive, education and/or professional experience, and examination-based certification program. Upon earning your certification, you will be market-ready for a lucrative career as a project manager.

What you will learn:

  • Be able how and where projects fit within the organization and its strategy
  • Be able to apply formal techniques and tools to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control, and close a project
  • Be able to understand both internal and external factors like organization structure, process assets, and enterprise environmental factors, and their influence on projects
  • Gain the competence to apply Agile considerations in real-life projects

Course duration: 4 weeks

Student Feedback:

“The course gives sufficient training required for PMP exam in short time in right direction. Also LMS and AV recording is very helpful. Off course, PMBOK study is essential for PMP Exam, but the course make it easy to understand and memorize the concept of its contents by giving examples and showing templates. The training cares of its participants well and respect time of us.” Ajay Kumar Choudhary  

8. Blockchain Technology Certification

Big Data Hadoop Online Training by Edureka

This online certification program offers an overview of the structure and mechanism of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Hyperledger, Ethereum, and Multichain. You will learn the importance of consensus in transactions and how they are stored in Blockchain. Your instructor will guide you on how you can set up your own private Blockchain and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum. Finally, you will have an opportunity to use Hyperledger Composer for deploying a business network.

The course’s certification includes lectures in transformation in trading units, anonymity and pseudoanpnymity in cryptocurrencies, hash codes, digital signatures, distributed networks and more.

What you will learn:

  • Understand the technology key concepts that power cryptocurrency and cryptography
  • Understand Ethereum and its Solidarity programming language used for developing Smart Contracts
  • Be able to infer Hyperledger project, its architecture, APIs and network topology
  • How to use Composer to deploy and test business network and be able to discuss compelling use case.

Course duration: 5 weeks

Student Feedback:

“I would like to recommend any one who wants to be a Data Scientist just one place: Edureka. Explanations are clean, clear, easy to understand. Their support team works very well such any time you have an issue they reply and help you solving the issue. I took the Data Science course and I’m going to take Machine Learning with Mahout and then Big Data and Hadoop and after that since I’m still hungry I will take the Python class and so on because for me Edureka is the place to learn, people are really kind, every question receives the right answer. Thank you Edureka to make me a Data Scientist.” Eric Arnoud

9. Artificial Intelligence Certification Courses

Flat 15% Off on Live Online Training by Edureka

This online certification program comes with a series of artificial intelligence courses created by leading academic institutions and industrial organizations. You will explore the different areas of this greatly evolving subject. Some of the topics you will explore include AI & Deep Learning with TensorFlow, Reinforcement learning, Natural Language Processing with Python, Graphic Models, and Machine Learning.

Course duration: Weekly batch and weekend batch

There you have it! These are some of the best Edureka certification programs available online for 2020. Hope you find what you are looking for and jumpstart a new career path. Happy learning!

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