Learn Data Science and Machine Learning Online

14 Online Data Science Certifications Worth Pursuing in 2020

Data Science is one of the hottest careers in the IT field. Organizations are increasingly relying on data for business decisions. As such, the demand for qualified data scientists who can make sense of the information these organizations are gathering is on the rise. If you are hoping to start a career in this lucrative field, or want to stand out from competition, a certification is key.

Data science certification

Best Data Science Courses On Coursera In 2020

Online certification courses have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to their flexibility and cost. With Amazing Platforms like Coursera, Udacity, and Edureka!, anyone at any skill level can find something to learn and enhance their skill level. In this post, we highlight the best Data Science courses available right now on Coursera.

Data science

Learn Data Science Online with Udacity’s Data Science Nanodegree Program

The era of natural selection is right here with us. Technologies of the past are paving way for new, better, and more intuitive applications. And with this come the emergence of newer and more technical jobs. One of the most sought after skills by businesses, large and small, is data science.

Intel Edge AI for IoT Developers

Udacity Intel Edge Artificial Intelligence For IoT Developers Nanodegree Review

Edge AI applications are touted to be the future of the World Wide Web. With a background in Artificial Intelligence, Edge technologies are giving developers the opportunities to combine hardware with data, algorithms, and deep learning to empower devices to make systematic decisions.

AWS Cloud Architect Program

Udacity AWS Cloud Architect Nanodegree Review

There is no doubt that everything is finding its way to the cloud these days. With advancing techniques and codes used in developing complex architectures, businesses are realizing lots of opportunities. To get started in a promising and exciting career, you need to acquire skills in cloud development. But how do you start?

Udacity Machine Learning Nanodegree Program

Udacity Machine Learning Nanodegree Review

Start a career in one of the most exciting fields of Technology, artificial intelligence. And one of the most popular branches of artificial intelligence is Machine Learning, where complex systems and mathematical algorithms work together to create systems that are potentially capable of learning on their own.

Udacity AI nanodegree

Udacity Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree Review

There is not one sector of the economy that will go unimpacted by Artificial Intelligence. The ability to create sophisticated gadgets that make daily chores easy is evolving across the entire workforce, making AI a powerful skill to possess. As an AI expert, you could be behind these the development of these gadgets, creating algorithms and codes that allow machines to think for themselves.

Data Analyst Nanodegree program

Udacity Data Analyst Nanodegree Review

While every business collects data, most do not know how to make proper use of it. Good data has the power to give businesses useful information. However, it usually comes in large and complex datasets that are not easy to interpret to the untrained eye. This is where a data analyst comes in to translate and turn these otherwise meaningless numbers and sequences into visuals that can help organizations make informed business decisions.

Data Structure and Algorithm nanodegree program

Udacity Data Structures And Algorithms Nanodegree Review

There is no doubt that data is a very powerful tool for today’s businesses. Those with the skills to process and make sense of it are in demand. Working with complex structures and algorithms bring the power to solve data driven business challenges, giving organizations one less thing to worry about and they take their businesses to the digital space.

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