Ed2GO review: Is This Online Certification Platform Worth Its Salt?

ed2go review 2020

Ed2go was founded in 1997 as an email correspondent program. Over the years, it has grown to serve over 3 million learners as an online learning platform with 150+ certifications and over 50 industries of specialties.The platform’s mission is to help learners change their lives for the better by mastering new skills online. It provides crucial courses to help learners gain new professional and personal skills as well as advanced career training when preparing for new careers or additional certifications. Some of ed2go’s popular online certifications are in the following industries:

  • Design, media, and writing
  • Healthcare, including nursing
  • Finance
  • Business management operations
  • Information technology
  • Education and human services

This online-based learning platform allows learners to take the courses online at their pace and convenience. Some courses are completely instructor-led while others are completely self-paced.

Ed2go review: The good

  • An excellent career exploration tool
  • Affordable courses
  • Military scholarship program
  • wide array of course offerings

Cost Affordability

Ed2go’s online certification courses are competitively priced to offer exceptional value for learners. Program pricing vary at each accredited partner institution. Some courses are free while only cost a few dollars.

Certification pricing vary by course level. With all the resources, videos, and other learning materials provided, you will not pay an extra dime beyond the indicated cost, making courses quite affordable for just about any budget.

Career exploration tool

Ed2go has a career exploration tool known as Skill Map where prospective learners can learn about careers by searching by industry or job titles, perform a quick career search, or identify career options based on personal interests and required skills.

Course offerings

There are tens of courses to choose from in a number of subjects, including IT and software development, business and professional, healthcare and fitness, management and corporate, hospitality and service, media and design, sustainable energy, and skilled trades and industrial. Specific courses include:

·         Art and design

·         Computer applications

·         Business

·         Computer science

·         Legal

·         Health and fitness

·         Teacher professional development

·         Information technology

·         Hospitality

·         Language

·         Math and science

·         Writing

·         Test preparation

·         Construction and trades

Ed2go also offers online high school diploma option for adults.

Military Scholarship Program

Ed2go participates in the My Career Advancement Account Scholarship program (MyCAA), a unique workforce initiative scholarship started by the United States Department of Defense.  The program provides up to $4,000 in scholarship funds to spouses of active duty service men and women.

This scholarship money can be used to pay for an associate degree, certificate, license, or certification at an accredited university, college, or technical school. Not all online certification programs or testing organizations are accredited. Thus, it is important to note that ed2go has an approved MyCAA through these partner schools:

·         University of Central Florida

·         Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

·         Pierce College

·         Austin Peay State University

·         Arizona Western College

·         University of North Carolina Wilmington

·         Texas Tech University

·         Borough of Manhattan Community College

Alongside these institutions, ed2go is also in partnership with over 2,000 academic institutions, over 80 corporations, as well as over 100 workforce agencies. 

Ed2go review: the downside

  • Extension fees
  • Lack of partial private education loans
  • Limited career help resources

Lack of partial private education loans

ed2go partners with TuitionFlex, a military tuition assistance, to offer private education loans. It also partners with a government the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) to offer government-funded aid. However, it is important to note that the platform does not provide partial tuition. Therefore, any loan request must be made for the entire tuition amount.

You can ask for financial assistance information once you have chosen your desired certification program and zip code. A financial advisor will then reach out to you for information regarding your financial needs.

Extension fees

Generally, learners enjoy incredible flexibility with ed2go online certifications. If a learner is unable to complete a course within the allotted window, they may seek extension at a small fee. Extension fees are non-refundable and are subject to taxation.

Limited career help resources

The platform has limited career assistance options for learners. There is an online chat tool, but this is only available for general questions and technical support.

Ed2go review: The bottom-line


It is important to note that most online certifications offered by ed2go do not carry over into degree-seeking course loads at most universities and colleges. Rather, ed2go only serves as an online certification platform. That said, both foundational and advanced online certifications offered in this platform are useful for those on-demand career fields or occupations like tech and healthcare.

Ed2go is a great online certification platform for those seeking to make career change or advancement. Even if you are simply looking to gain additional skills in continuing education in your field of interest, ed2go can provide you with useful online certification programs that are certain to be both enriching and educational.

Ready to get started with a new skill? Click here to visit ed2go to browse and try out tens of quality online certifications today. Courses start from as low as $139!

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