Edureka! Review 2020 – Everything You Should Know about This eLearning Platform

Edureka! 2020 review and ratings

Edureka! is an elearning platform that offers courses in trends in technology. It offers courses in data science, cloud computing, programming, business intelligence, software testing, robotic process automation, project management, artificial intelligence, data warehousing, and more. Edureka! is definitely a great place for beginners who want to get started in data science.

Founded in 2011 by Lovleen Bhatia, Edureka! is one of the popular online learning platforms with 400,000+ learners and thousands of hours of learning resources. Users have access to a wide range of projects and assignments on the platform. The platform specializes in digital marketing, IT, and technology courses.

Despite starting off as a small business, Edureka! has grown to become one of the most noticeable online learning platforms. Active users will notice that Edureka! is primarily focused on offering hands-on and straightforward tasks and assignments for easy learning.

How Edureka! Works

According to the platform, Edureka! tutors and employees are completely dedicated to helping learners achieve their learning goals while also having a satisfying and pleasant experience while interacting with the platform. First of all, the learning manager contacts students to get them acquainted with both the company’s website and mobile platform. Learners are encouraged to seek clarification for any doubts they might have.

Secondly, you will be able to participate in live screen sharing courses which are interactive online lectures with a program’s instructor. There, you will witness step-by-step demonstrations led by qualified and experienced professionals. Also, you will be a part of live Q&A sessions. Even when you miss a live class, you won’t miss what has been taught because Edureka! records all the lectures and then uploads them to your personal LMS.

Still, at Edureka!, it’s not only about their live classes. Their employees want to make sure their students practice as much as possible so they provide a lot of practical assignments and quizzes through which you will better understand all the concepts you have learned.

Edureka!’s Main Features

·       Trending courses – Edureka! features some of the highest demanding skill enhancement programs out there like DevOps certification, Python, and many more

·       Applications – Active members can activate Edureka! app on their smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

·        Comprehensive courses

·       24/7 customer support – Edureka! provides an excellent on-demand support through which you can receive help with your courses.

·       Excellent lectures and video tutorials

What Courses Does Edureka! Offer?

There are about 19 different course categories on Edureka!. These include data security, software testing, AI, cloud computing, Cybersecurity, Mobile app development, Blockchain, and many more.

Edureka Pros and Cons

  • Pros

    • Edureka! offers some of the best IT courses in the online learning marketplace
    • The costs and fees are quite affordable
    • Customer support is well-organized and users normally receive prompt response and feedback to their queries
    • Flexible course timings
    • Experienced lecturers and tutors who provide real-time scenarios. Additionally, the teaching methods are hands-on
    • Once you have signed up for a course, you can go back to the teaching materials like documents and videos any time

    Edureka cons

    • While most training programs are affordable, some courses can be very pricey
    • Certain processes that students must follow can be very burdensome

Edureka! course pricing

Edureka! courses vary in pricing. The platform offers limited offer price for new clients. They call this the triple bonanza discount and it consists of three components:

  • Self-paced certification training for free
  • 20% cash back
  • Flat 10% cash discount

What Users Say about the Edureka! eLearning Platform

  • Most users give Edureka! a favorable feedback as most learners are more than happy with the way the platform works. However, a handful of people have complained about the site’s slow response to client queries, which is a bit curious given that Edureka! claims their customer care are always on standby to provide help. Overall, Edureka! platform provides a great learning experience even though it seems that some training programs are considered a tad basic.

Edureka! Review – the Final Verdict

As you can see Edureka! is a great platform for those who want to fast track their professional growth and take their career to the next level. At Edureka!, you will earn a valuable and useful certification that you can include in your resume. In fact, the company’s staff can help you rewrite your resume and can even help you prepare for your next job interview. Click here to visit the platform and find out what Edureka! has for you. 

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