edX for Business Review: Is It Worth Your Time and Money?

edX for Business review

edX is a massive online learning platform that was founded by Harvard and MIT in 2012 with the goal of eliminating barriers to education. Over the years, this non-profit platform has entered into partnerships with over 90 of the world’s leading universities, corporations, non-profits, and NGOs to provide valuable upskilling to online learners at a fraction of what they would otherwise pay for the traditional college level education. At the moment, edX is home to over 2,500 online courses and 25 million learners from all over the world.

edX courses and programs

edX programs range from business and management to computer science, languages, data science, engineering, and humanities. Their courses are designed for all kinds of learners, from those looking to join the job market to those looking to change careers, earn promotions, or pursue new hobbies and interests. You can find a list of edX’s most popular courses here.

edX for business review: Overview

edX for Business Corporate Learning Platform helps organizations attract and retain top talent and efficiently train their workforce in the skills needed to boost their productivity. Organizations can leverage edX’s library of 2,500 online courses as well as the rich partnership with over 130 leading universities and corporations. Plus, the Corporate Learning Platform also easily integrates with most learning management systems (LMS).

So what does edX for Business offer?

  1. Flexibility and scalability for any organization size and industry
  2. Purchasing options that include bulk course access as well as direct integration with preferred learning management system
  3. Tailor-made learning paths for the client organization’s specific needs
  4. Remote access to content from any device at any time
  5. Social and collaborative learning among employees
  6. Actionable learner feedback to gauge the course’s success while improving on employee performance
  7. Efficient recruiting using edX’s skilled user base to populate the recruiting funnel

edX for Business features

edX Corporate Learning Platform features a range of learning programs such as:

  1. In-demand certificate courses in over 30 subject areas
  2. Professional certifications for employees looking to learn new skills in the current roles
  3. MicroMasters programs: a series of graduate level curses from leading universities that provide deep learning in specific fields
  4. Online Master’s Degree courses for in-demand fields that cost a fraction of the on-campus programs

Both the Master’s Degrees and MicroMasters are offered by top universities like Harvard and MIT.

edX for Business review: top subjects

  • Business and Management (Agile Project Management, Finance and Operations, and Product Development)
  • Computer Science (Cybersecutity, blockchain, programming and data algorithms)
  • Engineering (Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Electronics, Material Science, Robotics)
  • Data Science ( Big Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Python)
  • Languages (Chinese, Writing, Grammar, ESL, English, Italian, Japanese)
  • Humanities (Child Development, Art, History, Public Speaking, Psychology)

edX’s Corporate Learning Platform also comes with a reporting and analytics feature that enables allows team leaders to take stock of learners’ progress via the dashboard. Team leaders can view company-level data and zoom down for specific details. Progress reports can be exported as .csv files.

edX for Business Review: Who is is for?

edX Corporate Learning Platform is designed for organizations and teams of all sizes and industries that are focused on training and developing their workforce with the help of the platform’s online courses.

How edX for Business works

The enrollment process for edX for Business is as follows:

  1. The client organization provides a list of employees who will be taking a course through the platform
  2. Client organization identifies the courses and programs it is seeking to enroll its employees into
  3. Learners receiving a welcome email informing them of their enrollment as well as a link to the course they have been enrolled in.

edX for Business pricing

Pricing is based on the number of learners enrolled into the program. There are no extra charges for enrollment or support. Please contact edX for a quote.

edX for Business review: pros and cons


  • Flexible learning options for any organization size and industry
  • Over 2,500 online courses offered in collaboration with 130+ institutions
  • Easily integrates with most Learning Management Systems (LMS)


  • Does not support some talent management features like compensation management

edX for Business review: Bottom-line

edX for Business helps organizations upskill their workforce by offering world-class training on a wide range of in-demand topics. edX for Business provides the best educational resources at a fraction of the traditional classroom learning. Sign with edX for Business today and equip your workforce with the skills they need to boost their productivity.

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