HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers Online Course from Coursera

HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers Online Course Review

Coursera offers interactive online courses in a wide range of topics. In fact, most people got their first Machine Learning training by taking the popular  Machine Learning courses on this platform. In this post, we are taking a look at HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for Web Developers. This online web development course is taught by Yaakov Chaikin, a professor at Johns Hopkins University.

Is this course for you?

This course is designed for learners who are interested in mastering web development. Also, if you are a front-end developer, then most of the stuff you will learn from this online course will be truly helpful. In other words, the course provides foundational knowledge upon which any other development is built on.

Course prerequisites

Even if you are new to markup languages like HTML and CSS, you do not have need to worry. You will be introduced to these concepts by Yaakov in the simplest form possible. However, the presentation on JavaScript is slightly different. While the syntax are explained in such a way that beginners should understand, you are expected to be familiar with certain basic programming concepts like functions, variables, and objects. These concepts are not covered in this online web developer course because they tend to appear in pretty much every programming language out there like C++, Python, and Java.

About course instructor

This course is instructed by Yaakov Chaikin, a skilled and extremely accomplished adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University. He is also a Principal Architect for a Columbia, Maryland IT consulting firm. Yaakov brings real-world experience to his teaching as well as course materials.

What is included in the course

  • 2-3 hour weekly lectures for 5 weeks + brief study materials and quizzes
  • 4 optional coding assignments that are peer-graded by fellow learners
  • Discussion forum for support
  • Course videos, short reading materials, practice exercises, and FAQ documentation

What you will learn

By the end of this online course, you should be able to:

  • Have the skills you need to build a fully functional website
  • Understand how webpages work at the HTML and CSS level
  • Understand JavaScript and have the capability to use additional JavaScript libraries like Angular and React
  • Understand how to code software applications in JavaScript; master the syntax of JavaScript
  • Understand the structure and landscape as well as history of web development
  • Understand best web development practices and formal communication with other web developers
  • Understand the basic server-client dynamics using Ajax
  • Be ready to handle complex web application projects

What this course is not

This may not be the perfect online web developer course for seasoned developers. It is for starters. The course introduces you to the philosophy and correct practices in programming languages.

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Course rating

4.9/5 stars from 4,774 ratings

Total enrollment: 260k

Course stats

  • 53% of learners started a new career after completing this course
  • 68% got tangible career benefits from this course

Learner testimonials

 “This was a really great course, I learned so much, and it was really interesting and very well explained. I will be taking any more courses done by Yaakov! Really excellent course, thank you so much.User and student; written March 15, 2016

“Excellent course, especially if you are a professional but in different technologies/ languages, from the back-end world, etc… You will progress very fast as it goes right to the essential notions.” User and student; written March 16, 2018

Final thoughts

This online web developer course gives real value for time and money. In just 12 hours of video and several practice quizzes, you will be set up to become a junior web developer. This is a perfect starter course that can help you lay the foundation for a more complex course like Udacity’s Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree program.

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