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Is C++ A Good Programming Language to Learn in 2021?

Learn C++

C++ is one of the most popular programming languages for programmers of different skill levels. It is ranked 4th in terms of popularity and this might be due to its versatility. If you are looking to be gain an edge in the ever-competitive programming industry, you are better off learning C++. It is one of the most versatile programming languages for creating games as well as browsing. It is applied in operating systems. In other words, C++ is considered a general-purpose programming language.

How to learn C++: Getting Started with the Basics

Understand basic programming terms

C++ is an intermediate programming language. This means that before you start with C++ you should have basic knowledge of programming terminology. Having some knowledge of an entry-level programming language like C, C# and JavaScript can be helpful.

Understand the syntax

The syntax is everything when learning C++. Like you already know, C++ uses complex syntax so this is where you will spend a lot of your time. Once you understand the form of a string of characters it will be easy to solve issues. The best way to understand syntax is to spend a good number of hours doing practice.

Get learning resources

To learn any programming language C++ included you need to get good learning resources. The learning resources provide a guide that you can follow. Using learning resources can be overwhelming so make sure that you use one learning resource at a time.

Interact with other C++ programmers online

Interacting with other programmers online can be helpful. Join forums where they talk about C++ programming and ask a question. This can be a good way to interact and get help whenever you feel stuck.

Why you Should Learn C++

Become competitive in the programing market

Programmers who are good in the C++ language are competitive in the job market. They do not have a hard time getting jobs and they are also able to get competitive salaries. It is a competitive language because it is almost used in every industry from gaming to web development.  Top companies including Goggle are always looking for C++ programmers.

C++ is ever fresh

C++ has been there for decades. And this programming language keeps evolving. The reason why it has been around for decades is due to high speed, good performance, and compatibility. Of course, C++ has gone through changes over the years but it remains relevant.

Access to a big community of programmers

When learning C++ you get access to a large community of programmers. They can help you to learn the language easily and the community can also be great for sharing ideas. You will always find a group of programmers in different online forums talking about the C++ programming language.

Is C++ easy to learn?

C++ is not easy to learn compared to other programs like Java. However, people who have a solid background in C programs will find learning C++ a little bit easier. Experienced programmers argue that the language can be difficult to learn because it has a complex syntax.

Despite its complexity, C++ is still broken into different aspects so you do not have to know everything. The main idea is to master the concepts and you will be good to go. Even programmers who have been working with C++ for years admit that everyone has to go through a learning curve and solve problems as they come.

What Can You Do With C++?

C++ is the defacto programming language for everything backend development such as server infrastructure, telecommunications, GUI frameworks, games and web browsers. This underpins the importance of mastering this programming language.

Graphic related applications

C++ is used in instances where heavy graphics are needed. It is a common programing language for gaming programmers. You will also notice heavy use of C++ for video and photo editing applications like Adobe Photoshop.

Large scale commercial applications

Google uses C++ for updating core algorithm. In large commercial users like Google, C++ is the ideal programming language to use due to its power.

High power and speed applications

In instances where power and speed are needed, C++ is the preferred programming language. C++ is closer to hardware and this makes it a powerful language. It is used in banking applications because power and speed are required to process money transactions.

Learning C++: Final Thoughts

C++ is a middle-level programming language. While it may not be as easy to learn as the other programming languages, C++ is one of the most important programming languages you can ever learn.  Top industries in the tech world will always need programmers who have sound mastery of this language.

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