Kaplan IT Training Review 2020: Should You Sign Up for Kaplan Courses?


Kaplan IT Training 2020 review

Formerly known as Transcender, Kaplan IT Training, offers hands on examination for computer certification (information technology), practice labs as well as online training. Kaplan IT Training provides examination preparation solutions to IT professionals seeking to improve their technical skills as they prepare for the certification examinations in the following areas:

  • GIAC
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)
  • (ISC)2
  • PMI (Project Management Institute)
  • EC-Council
  • Cisco
  • Adobe
  • Axelos
  • CompTIA
  • Amazon Web Services
  • VMware

Kaplan IT Training products are utilized by certified training centers, learners and IT practitioners in different industries.

Kaplan GRE remains the key driving force in exam preparation, and with a valid reason. With multiple live courses (now available in 40+ states), various customizable online course options, free GRE resources, and money-back guarantee, Kaplan is an excellent solution for GRE preparation.

The increasing demand for system testing, security project management, and other essential disciplines has triggered the demand for high quality training.

To meet this demand, Kaplan has developed extensive course modules that cover a range of disciplines. Their goal is to help you master the most sought-after emerging skills in Information Technology.

Kaplan courses deliver all the knowledge and skills you need to become a validated IT professional. Whether you want to be a CISM, CISA, ITIL, CISSP, or PRINCE2 EXPERT, Kaplan meets your training needs. With their training, you will comfortable take your exam and get your certification.

So what is Kaplan IT Training?

Formerly Transcencer, Kaplan IT training has been around since 1992 and is specifically tailored for certification training as well as other exam preparation resources. Kaplan Inc. was founded in 1938 by Stanley Kaplan.

The disciplines covered by Kaplan include computer security and auditing, data science, project management, finance, and care.

About CISSP, PRINCE2, CISM, and ITIL certification courses.

CISM stands for Certified Information Security Manager. The CISM course is designed for IT professionals who want to gain information security knowledge and skills. It covers IT governance, the development of IT programs, risk management, and the management of IT incidents.

During your CISM Certification, you will learn how to perform tasks like planning and implementation of computer programs, mitigation of security threats, and what to do about them. This course is structured to equip you with the necessary skills, pass your CISM examination, and receive your ISACA CISM certification.

Packages available for this course

Certification package for CISM self-study

This course allows you to learn at your pace from a location of your preference. You can choose the 30-day online package or the 180-day package, which includes online studies as well as downloadable materials.

The 30-day package comes with a range of helpful questions, custom questionnaire parameters that provide you access to specific topics, detailed references, explanations, and exam simulations. You must pay $99 for this package. After purchasing this kit, you can proceed with the 180-day examination preparation method for a fee of $40.

Second, the 180-day package comes with multiple exam sets, tailor-made questionnaire parameters for specific topics, comprehensive explanations and references, exam simulations, performance monitoring, and memory cards to support memorizing key information. You will also access downloadable exam preparation resources such as practice questions, a study calendar, an access to student discussion forum, and link to get in touch with Kaplan tutors for assistance. This package costs $149.

CISM Online Learning

This custom module comes with reports and analytics to measure your progress, online lesson time, and online access for one year. You can access the course content on your PC or mobile device. The training costs $449.

Kaplan IT Training review

On-Demand Training

This is an intensive video training that is conducted in an interactive and attractive environment. You will receive tips on how to study and pass your certification exam.

This course contains 16 hours of instructional videos, a diagnostic test with 100 practice questions, a course book, a test exam with 150 questions, as well as a series of questionnaires with more than 975 practical examination questions and 24-hours courses by qualified student instructors.

Additional features of this on-demand course include a CISM review guide, performance monitoring, informative videos and notes, electronic memory cards, extra videos, and a CISM exam voucher.

This course costs $465 for members and $595 for non-members. You will also get a free CV. The cost of training is $3495. This course is offered on request in collaboration with Cyber Vista.

Review of Kaplan CISA Training

Kaplan CISA training

The Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA) course is designed for candidates who want to consolidate their expertise in information systems and security audits. You will learn how to review information systems, IT management, information governance, system acquisition, development, and implementation. Other key areas include information system operation, maintenance and system management.

You will also learn how to protect information. The course provides all the support you need to pass CISA Certification exam and receive your ISACA CISA Certification.

This course comes with two training options:

Self-training certification

This training option gives you great flexibility as you can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home or workplace. It comes with the 30-day assessment as well as the 180-day assessment preparation method.

The 30-day package comes with a range of practice questions, custom questionnaire that covers specific topics, detailed explanations, reference materials and exam preparation tests. This option is only available online and the materials are not downloadable.

It costs $99. However, you can upgrade to the 180-day package by paying an extra $40.

The 180-day exam preparation plan offers tons of excellent resources and learning features including downloadable questionnaires, a study calendar, a link to contact Kaplan tutors, and access to the Student Discussion Forum. This packages costs $129.

Both plans guarantee success for your CISA exam.

Kaplan CISA course

In collaboration with Skillsoft, Kaplan provides this extremely important certification online. With this flexible module, you can learn at your own pace from wherever it suits you. Key features of this certification include access to the content platform, optimized for cloud and mobile devices, analytics and reports for measuring your learning progress, video-learning options at your own pace, as well as online access to a singular device. This course retails at $309.

Review of Kaplan PRINCE2 Training Course

PRINCE2 (Projects In Controlled Environments) is a basic certification ideal for contract workers, project staff, consultants, project team leaders, and support professionals that are work in a PRINCE2 environment. The Kaplan PRINCE2 course prepares you for AXELOS certification exam. You will learn how to divide projects into controllable steps.

Kaplan IT training review

This course covers areas such as understanding how PRINCE2, understanding the projects key concepts, understanding how PRINCE2 principles work with PRINCE2 methodology, PRINCE2 problems and their application during a project, and PRINCIPLE2 process, including how it works. This course comes in 2 parts:

Self-training certification

This flexible package allows you to learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home or workplace. It comes with a 30-day evaluation as well as a 180-day Exam Preparation Kit.

The 30-day evaluation option contains multiple features, including several field testing questions, tailored test parameters for accessing specific topics, a comprehensive reference and explanations. You will also have the opportunity to qualify while continuing your studies or passing your practice exam.

This plan is only available online and it costs $9, but you can upgrade to the 180-day exam preparation plan for an additional $40.

This option is only available online and contains multiple sets of practice questions.

Online training

Kaplan, in collaboration with Skillsoft, offers an online learning option for PRINCE2. This flexible online learning module allows you to learn at your own pace and schedule. The package contains a number of features including the ability to access your course from mobile devices, several hours of online tutorials, as well as a user-interface that provides continuous support during your learning, analyzing, measuring, and reporting your progress. This training option costs $239.

KAPLAN ITIL, advanced certification course

This course is ideal for IT professionals like database administrators, configuration administrators, and application support. It is designed to prepare you for ITIL Intermediate Exam and get your Intermediate Certificate from the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

The course focuses on areas like identifying service operating systems, key features of service life cycle, the distinction between functions and processes of the service life cycle as well as the recognition of process activities. The course is designed to help you prepare for your ITIL Analysis and Operational Support Examination to become AXELOS ITIL certified.

Online Training

This online ITIL course grants you access to features like access to your mobile devices, hours of e-learning lessons, as well as continuous learning support, analysis, and monitoring. This course costs $469.

Review of the Kaplan CISSP Training

Certified Information Systems Security (CISSP) certification (ISC) 2 is awarded to professionals who have passed the CISSP exam. This course offers a flexible, yet comprehensive, resource that you can use to prepare for, and pass your CISSP exam. This online certification course comes with a range of technical areas like creating and maintaining security programs and protecting an organization against security threats.

Some of the topics covered include principles of governance, security principles, asset security, risk management, security engineering, communications and network security design, and security operations, among other topics.

Kaplan IT training

The following CISSP course packages are available:

Self-Learning Training

There are two options to choose from, the 30-Day Evaluation, and the 180- Day Exam Preparation Module. You can complete this course at your pace from any location.

The 30-Day Evaluation Package comes with a range of field tests and questions and custom test parameters that are designed to help you master the subjects, a comprehensive reference and explanations, as well as classifications in your exam. It is important to note that the resources cannot be downloaded for offline use.

This packages costs $89. However, you can upgrade to the 180-Day Exam Preparation option at an additional $40.

The 180-Day Exam Preparation Package comes with a number of features including multiple rounds of practice test questions and tailored questionnaire parameters that provide more details about specific topics, references, and explanations. You will also receive a study calendar, a memory card that contains important resources, and a downloadable and printable offline study resources. Finally, you will also have access to the student discussion forum and a link to communicate with Kaplan Tutors. This package costs $149.

Kaplan IT Training: Pros and Cons

Kaplan IT training: Pros and Cons

Kaplan IT Training Pros

Affordable – Kaplan courses are available from $99. The only course that seems expensive is the CISM course that costs $3,495. This course comes with plenty of resources to prepare for the exam as well as a free course curriculum.

Practical practice questions – You have access to a series of exam preparation questions. In fact, the CISM on-demand certification course comes with a diagnostic test, a practice test, as well as a questionnaire bank with over 900 practice questions.

Offline access – The personalized 180-Day Certification Package comes with downloadable questionnaires that you can print or save on your device for offline use. You also have access to a discussion board, memory cards, and a link to get in touch with the teachers.

Flexibility – You can choose from packages of up to three courses. As with the CISM certification course, you can opt for a single program or on a need-be-basis. The platform’s self-study and online learning options allows you to learn at your pace from any location. You schedule when you want to learn.

Video conferencing – Once you have purchased your course, you will have access several hours of video-conferencing resources. However, this facility is not available when you are learning at your pace.

Kaplan IT Training cons

  • Some offline packages do not have offline access option.
  • The duration of access to the courses is a bit short if you are learning at your pace
  • As already mentioned, the self-learning package does not offer video training

Getting the most out of Kaplan IT Training practice exams

Kaplan IT Training courses are ideal for professionals who want to reinforce concepts and prepare for the certification exams. Here are four ways you can get the most out of Kaplan IT Training practice exam.

Use the Exam Objective to Train for Your Certification

Kaplan IT Training practice exams is designed to help test your knowledge of concepts that you will face in the actual IT certification exams. Thus, the first thing you need to do is review the practice exam objectives in Kaplan IT training.

Treat the exam objectives as a syllabus, or better still — the exact outline of the test you are going to face. You should treat them this way because that is exactly what they are. For the best possible result, consider training on one objective at a time before testing your knowledge using the practice exam. This will help you gather same concepts together, ensuring that your training is more focused and efficient.

  • Take a few full-length timed practice examination

Once you have built your confidence with the exam material, start taking full-length and timed Kaplan IT training exams. It is important that you emphasize on timing as this will provide useful pressure to help you prepare for your exams.

You cannot pass an exam that you do not complete. Taking a timed practice exam helps you establish how well you know the material, while providing a chance to practice your exam rhythm and pacing.

  • Grade an item and get the answer

After every question, when taking an optimized exam experience test, you can click on the Grade Item at the top right-hand corner. This is where you will access the correct answers to the questions to the questions you have attempted as well as an explanation to why your answers are either right or wrong.

Most questions also come with a section that highlights specific topics that you should familiarize yourself with for the associated exam. This helps you master the topics and information that are key to passing the actual certification exam.

Also, while training, reviewing graded items becomes a great way to validate your knowledge while reinforcing concepts.

  • Treat your practice exams like a big deck of flashcards

Repetition is a very effective learning strategy. The more you repeat a task, the more likely you will commit it to memory. Flashcards are one of the simplest and most effective repetition tools you can use to learn and master a concept. Think of Kaplan IT Training practice as one big deck of flashcards. Handle each test question as you would a flashcard – reading and understanding each question, picking an answer, and validating that you gave the correct answer or learning the correct answer. Repetition will greatly help you commit the concept to memory.

Conclusion: Kaplan IT Training review 2020

Truth is, nothing beats a well – prepared and complete workout. With Kaplan online courses for CISM, CISA, PRINCE2, and ITIL, you will definitely appreciate value for your money. These courses guarantee the success of your exam and the most coveted professional certification in the lucrative IT industry.

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