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Online Python Courses

Looking to fast-tack your programming career? One of these online Python courses will help you realize your goals and improve your skills

As you probably know, Python is a complex programming language that serves multiple purposes. In fact, according to experts, Python was the most used programming language back in 2018. Over the years, it has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, surpassing other web development programs like PHP and Java.

Python is a great choice for people who want to learn how to code. It is an excellent tool for beginners in web development because it resembles the English language a lot. Thus, you should expect to see a lot of “not,” “or” and similar words while writing your scripts. Python is commonly taught in schools thanks to its high readability level. Thus, if you are a beginner or aspiring coder, then Python is the perfect launching pad.

If you are searching for answers to what Python can do, look no further than Instagram. Python is also Google’s official language. It is also used in chips during Intel tests. Some argue that there are other applications that work better when it comes to mobile development. However, with Python, you can do pretty everything you want. Moreover, one of its main advantages is the wide array of digital libraries Python has gathered since its launch in 1991.

Below are some of the best online Python courses designed for folks who are interested in knowing what Python is and how it works. Most of these courses are designed for beginners but you can take them regardless of your expertise level. With any of these online Python courses, you will learn how to code in no time.

1. Edureka!

This Python Programming Certification allows programmers to build applications quite and in the shortest time possible. Learners are introduced to Python scripting, with a focus on Python basics. You will learn how to use Pythons to perform operations on variable types. You will also learn the importance of Python in real time environment. Additionally, you will be able to develop applications based on Object-Oriented Programming concept. By the end of this course, you will be able to use suitable GUI to develop networking applications.

  • Course type: Virtual classroom
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Course price: $ 199.00/ One-time payment

An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python

This is a two-part Python programming certification that is designed to help learners with minimal or zero computing background learn how to build simple yet interactive applications. Python is an easy to learn, high-level computer language that is used in most computational courses offered on Coursera. To make learning Python hassle-free, this course comes with a new browser-based programming environment that makes developing interactive applications in Python pretty simple. These applications involve windows with graphical content that responds to buttons, the keyboard and the mouse.

In the second part of this course, you will be introduced to more programming elements like a list, loops, and dictionaries. You will learn how you can use these elements to create games like Blackjack. Part one of the course culminates in building a version of the classic arcade game “Asteroids”. By the end of the course, you should be able to write simple but interesting Python projects. The next course in the specialization will introduce you to a more principled approach to using Python for writing complex programs and solving computational problems.

  • Course duration: 25 hours
  • Course type: Self-paced with instructor
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Course price: $ 49.00/ Per month
Learn Python online

3. Edureka!

Data Science Python Certificate Course

This Edureka’s online python course enables you to learn Python right from scratch. This course helps you master the essential Python programming concepts like data operations, object-oriented programming, file operations, and various Python libraries like Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, which are crucial for Data Science. This online course is an excellent gateway to those interested in starting a career in Data Science.

  • Course duration: 42 hours
  • Course type: Virtual classroom
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Course price: $ 449.00/ One-time payment

4. Coursera

Python Programming: A Concise Introduction

The goal of this online Python certification is to introduce learners to Python Version 3.x programming using hands-on instruction. You will learn how to install Python and use the Spyder Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for writing and debugging your programs. The course comes with examples and small assignments to help the learner consolidate learned concepts. Every module ends with a project where learners are required to write and submit small programs for grading. It is designed for learners with little or no programming background, although learners with programming background can also take the course and learn at their pace.

  • Course duration: 14 hours in 4 weeks
  • Course type: Self-paced with instructor
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Course price: $ 79.00/ One-time payment (FREE without certificate)

5. Udacity

Programming for Data Science with Python

With this online Python course, you will be learning things like functions, syntax, as well as classes. You will explore how you can create console applications and how you can convert the same application into a web application. You will also learn how to create executable files as well as an installation wizard from your Python app. Alongside Python, you will be using Flask and Pycharm. While this is a beginner-friendly course, you will want to make sure you understand programming basics, such as what a variable does and what a function is.

  • Course duration: 3 months
  • Course type: Self-Paced
  • Course level: All Levels
  • Course price: $ 226/ Per month (1-month FREE trial)

6. QuickStart

Python Web Programming

Imagine turning on your tablet and browsing a website you have built. Or discovering the skills you need to launch a career in programing and web development. Or imagine, after years of wanting to, finally becoming an expert coder. This online Python certification is designed to take you through the world of Python coding with ease. During the 6-hour course, you will be introduced to all the amazing concepts of and foundational principles you need to master web programing with Python. So, whether you are an aspiring web developer, an upstart programmer, or something to help you gain an in-depth understanding of python web programming, then this online Python certification is all you need to build confidence in all things Python.

  • Course duration: 6 hours
  • Course type: Self-paced
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Course price: $ 44.99/ Per month (7-day FREE trial)

7. Datacamp

Introduction to Python

Basically, Python is a general-purpose programming language is becoming increasingly popular with those interested in Data Science. Businesses around the world are using Python to gather insights from their data for purposes of gaining competitive advantage. Unlike other Python certifications, this course is designed for data scientists, or those who want to specialize in data science. In this elearning course, you will learn about powerful ways to manipulate and store your data. You will also learn cool data science tools to start your own analyses. Enter DataCamp’s online Python curriculum.

  • Course duration: 4 hours
  • Course type: Self-paced
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Course price: $ 25.00/ Per month (Start for FREE)

8. ed2GO

Introduction to Python 3 Programming

Python programming language was developed to provide a way to develop easy to create and understand codes. Alongside the same basic features that are founds in other languages, Python also comes with a unique functionality that makes life much easier for a programmer.

This online Python courses shows you how to create basic programming structures such as loops and decisions. Then, you will move on to more advanced topics like object-oriented programming with exceptions and classes. You will also learn how to explore unique Python data structures like dictionaries and tuples. You will even learn how to use graphic elements to create Python programs that range from simple squares and circles to graphical user interface (GUI) objects like labels and buttons.

Whether all you need is know how to write simple scripts, complete programs, or graphical user interfaces, this online Python course will empower you with the tools and resources you need use Python skillfully and confidentially.

  • Course duration: 24 hours
  • Course type: Virtual classroom
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Course price: $ 149.00/ One-time payment

9. FutureLearn

Scratch to Python: Moving from Block- to Text-based Programming

Block-based programming languages like Scratch make it quite easy to teach and learn programming. But once you and your learners have mastered it, you need to move on to text-based programming like Python. This online Python course is meant to show you how. You will learn how to transfer your programming and thinking skills you have mastered while using Scratch to Python. You will be introduced to basic text-based programming skills, learn how to read and debug error messages.

This online course will introduce you to the power of text-based programming and give you the tools and resources to support your students in their transition too.

  • Course duration: 8 hours
  • Course type: Virtual classroom
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Course price: Free

10. EdX

Computing in Python I: Fundamentals and Procedural Programming

This online Python course starts from the onset, covering the basics of how a computer interprets code lines, how to write programs, evaluate output, and revise the code itself. You will also learn how to work with variables as well as their changing values. You will learn how to use Boolean, mathematical, and relational operators. By the end of the course, you should be able to write simple Python programs that use mathematical operators, variable, and logical operators.

  • Course type: Self-paced
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Course price: $ 99.00/ One-time payment (FREE without certificate)
Learn Python online

11. QuickStart

Python Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals

This online certification is designed with beginners in mind. Although having Python basics is a plus, it is not a mandatory requirement. You will be taken through the entire installation process before hitting the more challenging concepts. If you are looking to enhance, maintain, and build highly-driven application, then this is the perfect online Python course for you regardless of your skill level. As you progress with the course, you will be required to complete a final project based on real-world scenarios in preparation for your own OOP Python projects. You will have a comprehensive understanding by the end of this course, an object-oriented approach, and how to combine the two.

  • Course duration: 4 hours
  • Course type: Self-paced
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Course price: $ 44.99/ Per month (7-day FREE trial)

12. QuickStart

Learn Python Django From Scratch

Django is a framework utilized by some of the biggest websites like Instagram, The New York Post, Pinterest, the Public Broadcasting Service, and Mozilla. These are complex database-driven websites that require web application framework. This is exactly what Django does. By mastering Python Django, you will be able to create web applications, sites with e-commerce functionality, and more complex projects.

  • Course duration: 6 hours
  • Course type: Self-paced
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Course price: $ 44.99/ Per month (7-day FREE trial)

13. SimpliLearn

Python Training Course

This all-in-one online Python course is designed to enable you master Python programming. If you are an aspiring programmer, then this course can help you learn Python from basics and go on to master web and game development in Python. You will gain hands-on experience in creating flappy bird gamer clone as well as website functionalities in Python.

  • Course duration: 10 hours
  • Course type: Self-paced
  • Course level: All Levels
  • Course price: € 499.00/ One-time payment

14. edX

Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner

Are you new to text-based programming? Then check out this hands-on online Python certification for an in-depth look at Python concepts and layers. You will gain access to lots of practice projects and drills, using Notebooks on Azure that requires only an Internet connection and a browser. You will master the best practices and start your coding almost immediately.

After exploring variables and data types, you will be introduced to strings, testing, input, and formatting. From here, you will learn about parameters and arguments, along with conditionals and nested conditionals. By the end of the certification, you should be able to create programs that prompt users for input and use conditional (True/False) logic as well as Python methods to manipulate numbers and text to provide user response, alongside requesting additional input. Finally, you will learn basic troubleshooting for your codes. Sign up and get started with the coding right away!

  • Course duration: 20 hours
  • Course type: Self-paced
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Course price: $ 99.00/ One-time payment (FREE without certificate)

15. QuickStart

Python Programming for Beginners

This online Python course gives you the opportunity to put your knowledge to practical use by working with classes and files, importing syntax and creating modules. Most important, you will learn to build your own Python program straight from scratch.

  • Course duration: 3 hours
  • Course type: Self-paced
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Course price: $ 44.99/ Per month (7-day FREE trial)

We have compiled a list of the best online Python certifications so that you do not have to spend time wondering whether or not you will find the right certification that suits your expertise level and learning goals. There is no doubt that this certification requires a lot of commitment from your side and will-power because there is so much to learn. That said, the courses described above are well structed in such a way that makes learning both fun and enjoyable. So you will be able to acquire new skills while also enjoying learning at your pace, and at a fraction of what you would pay to attend a physical class or bootcamp. Sign up with a course today and get started with Python.

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