Online MBA from Boston University Questrom School of Business: Is It Worth It?

MBA Degree: Master's in Business Administration

According to survey, 86 percent of organizations either agreed or strongly agreed that MBA graduates were well prepared for their success. Some of the industries that have the most confidence in MBA graduates include accounting, finance, healthcare, and technology. An MBA degree is a great way to retrain or build your career in one of these industries. There is no doubt that an MBA is still worth it. However, leaving your job in favor of a full-time education is not an option for most people. This is where an Online MBA from Boston University Questrom School of Business comes in. Offered 100 percent online, this BU online MBA program is ideal for individuals looking to enhance their skills and land a promotion in their current role or advance their careers.

About Boston University

Founded by Methodists in 1839 and affiliated with the United Methodist Church, Boston University is a private research university in Boston, Massachusetts. The university had its original campus in Newbury, Vermont, before it was relocated to Boston in 1867. The university has two main campuses and 18 colleges in London, Paris, Australia, and across the United States.

Boston University boasts of over 14,000 faculty and administrative staff and more than 34,000 students. Accredited by the SACSCOC, the institution offers bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctorates in disciplines of Medicine, Business, and Law. BU Questrom School of Business is among the top 50 global business schools, providing outstanding education through a curriculum designed to adapt to the themes that drive corporations in the 221st-century global business ecosystem.

What are the Online MBA from Boston University Questrom School of Business Application Requirements?

Application requirements for a complete online MBA program include

  • Official transcripts for institutions of higher learning previously attended for twelve or more credits
  • Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution
  • Transcripts of courses that had less than 12 credits
  • Professional resume detailing work experience
  • Minimum working experience of 3 years.
  • Professional letter of recommendation from the current or the previous employer
  • One written essay
  • TOEFL, IELTS or, PTE score for international students unless they qualify for a waiver
  • Online video interview

Is the Online MBA from Boston University Questrom School of Business Worth It?

US News ranks Boston University Questrom School of Business among the top 50 global business schools. It’s also ranked among the top 70 by the Economist. The institution’s online MBA program focuses on skills, competencies, and credit.

The program is created from the ground up, targeting the 21st Century online learner and derived from the insights and professional acumen of over 3000 International industry experts. This MBA presents an innovative curriculum that is rigorous, engaging, high quality, and fully online.

By pursuing the Boston University Questrom online MBA program, you will be joining a global learning community drawn from different backgrounds and an outstanding faculty and academic staff. It will also introduce you to an international network of more than 50,000 gifted Questrom alumni and over 333,000 Boston University alumni.

The program allows you access to student success specialists, online coursework designed for career advancement, and the BU library, among other resources.

According to the QS Jobs and Salary Report, the average starting salary for MBA graduates is $102,100. Naturally, an MBA serves as the key to top executive positions in the C-level suite, and managerial roles come with higher salaries and bonuses than non-management positions.

Regardless of your current professional path or status, a BU Questrom Online MBA will station you on the right career path with endless possibilities. Gain world-class knowledge and expertise, earn a distinguished master’s degree and move up to the highest executive echelon in the corporate sector’s C-level suite.

BU Online MBA Course Modules

BU Questrom Online MBA requires 45 credit hours of coursework which contains 6 modules integrated into 7.5 credit semester. Each module is integrated into two individual courses. The modules provide the learner with perspectives of the skills and experiences required to make complex business management decisions. BU’s integrated modules enable you to study combined courses in one module, such as accounting, finance, and marketing.  BU’s online MBA program offers a rigorous curriculum that blends every major business concept, thereby equipping the learner with advanced management and leadership skills applicable in a complex business environment.

The six modules covered in the online program include:

Module 0 MX 700 ONLINE MBA LAUNCH (0 credits)

Module 0 is an introduction to the learning process of the Questrom Online MBA. This module introduces the learner to the techniques used in business communication for managers and the teamwork processes. The module is a non-credit track which covers:

  • An in-depth introduction to MBA online learning platform
  • An extensive orientation of Boston University Questrom School of Business
  • Steps to a successful online learning experience


Module 1 highlights the purpose of a business corporation and the manager’s role in creating value for the business. The module focuses on the following areas:

  • Enable the learner to understand and appreciate the role of a business in the society
  • Introduce the learner to global trends which shape the role of the manager
  • Initiate the learner into the economic principles of how business organizations create and capture value
  • Demonstrate the impact of information and digitized information


Module 2 focuses on the importance of data in decision making to measure performance and system evaluation. It covers such areas as managerial accounting, financial accounting, corporate finance, microeconomics, and status operations. Module 2 prepares the learner to:

  • Know how to analyze financial statements and accounting metrics
  • Conduct financial analysis for business planning
  • Be able to use statistics and data to make business decisions
  • Grasp metrics for finances, marketing, and operational performance

Module 3 MX 730 LEADING INTEGRITYGRITY (7.5 credits)

Module 3 focuses on equipping the learner with leadership skills and behavior tactics in both formal and informal environments and challenges the learner to demonstrate leadership capabilities. The module prepares the learner to:

  • Develop a globally diverse workforce
  • Manage conflicts, power and politics
  • Build an interpersonal leader-follower relationship
  • Develop change and maintain a thriving organization

MODULE 4 MX 740 MANAGING RISKS(7.5credits)

Module 4 covers risks and crisis management tactics and introduces the learner to the diverse set of tools business managers require to measure, monitor, manage, and evaluate various types of crises. The learner will:

  • Assess environmental, social, political, and regulatory risks
  • Manage financial risks within the business
  • Develop a process for measuring and monitoring risks
  • Manage operational risks


Module 5 continues with the risks management from a global and environmental perspective. It also covers supply chain and consumer demands. The module addresses such topics as:

  • Understanding the challenges of global business
  • Managing the marketing mix of the various consumer segment
  • Sourcing and optimizing global supply chain
  • Developing competitive strategies in a global context


Module 6 explores ways to foster and create an innovative mindset and provides the toolkit to help steer innovation at every level, be it individual, team, or organization. The learner will be equipped with the skills to:

  • Drive corporate and entrepreneurial innovation
  • Apply principles of design-thinking to reframe innovation challenges
  • Source and generate new ideas that create value
  • Align organizational cyber securities to develop and test those ideas
  • Manage the innovation portfolio

How Long Does BU Questrom Online MBA Take?

Questrom Online MBA program from BU is a 45-credit hours of coursework which includes 6 integrated modules each taking 7.5 credit semesters. The curriculum is designed to fit into each semester, so you can study one integrated module of two courses per semester. The 100% online program can be studied part-time and completed in 24 months or 3 years

How Much Does The Online MBA Program From Boston University Cost?

The entire program costs $24,000.The tuition fee is $4000 per module and $533 per credit hour.


To most professionals, earning an MBA degree seems like the next most sensible step to advancing their career. An MBA degree is applicable regardless of your industry or area of career goals. However, some still question if an MBA is still worth it given the costs and commitment involved. If you plan on working in a managerial capacity, or get into business consulting, an Online MBA from Boston University Questrom School of Business will help you build the leadership skills you need to succeed in these arenas.

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