PluralSight Review: Are PluralSight Courses Worth Your Time and Money?

PluralSight review 2020

Pluralsight is a popular eLearning platform that offers courses in software, IT, business, and creative design. Instead of the traditional text-style courses, Pluralsight adopts an engaging video-based training, which is gaining popularity in the e-learning trend. The platform capitalizes on the fact that the human brain is capable of processing videos 60,000 times faster than text, and hence specializes in video training courses. You can expect interesting and engaging courses that cover a wide range of industries. Whether you are just starting out a career in IT or an expert interested in mastering new IT concepts, Pluralsight offers an excellent opportunity to learn and advance your skills.

Currently, the platform has over 7,000 that are prepared by subject-matter experts with vast expertise and experience in their respective fields. Millions of learners, including students and employed individuals from over 150 countries are using this eLearning platform to build and polish their skills in their respective industries

So, what is Pluralsight?

Founded in 2004 by Aaron Skonnard, Fritz Onion, Bill Williams, and Keith Brown, Pluralsight offers eLearning courses in a wide range of industries, including:

·         Data professional

·         Software development

·         IT administration

·         Creative professional

·         Business

·         Manufacturing and design

·         Information and cyber security

·         Architecture and construction

Courses vary in difficulty, from beginner to intermediate, to expert level. If you are unsure about the right course to choose based on difficulty, Pluralsight will help you make this decision.

Pluralsight helps learners build or improve their skills, allows tutors to supplement the curriculum and helps organizations boost their employees’ productivity through expert-led learning. 

Pluralsight review

Pluralsight Pros and Cons

The pros

  • Affordable monthly fees that gives learners full access to the platform’s courses
  • Learners can download the platform’s mobile app so that they can access they learning materials on the go
  • All the courses come with useful resources that helps learners develop their skills
  • Learners receive a certificate upon successful completion of their courses
  • Learners receive round the clock customer support via phone and email
  • You are able to learn at your own pace with the possibility of repeating a session if need be

The cons

  • All courses provided in Pluralsight are technology-related, so if you are interested in other fields like art and marketing, this platform might not be your answer.
  • The platform is excellent for beginner and intermediate learners but might not be ideal for advanced learners because it lacks advanced classes
  • Some learners have reported poor quality videos

Pluralsight pricing plans

Pluralsight pricing plans

Pluralsight has two types of subscriptions:

  • Individual subscription
  • Business subscription

Three pricing options are available for individual membership:

  • Monthly subscriptions at $29
  • Annual membership at $299 (this plan comes with a 14% discount)
  • Premium plan at $499 that is billed annually

There are two options for business plans]

  • Professional plans that costs $499 per annum
  • Enterprise plan that costs $699 per annum

What you get from the plans

Personal plans

  • Monthly – channels, full course library, learning paths, course completion certificate
  • Annual – offline viewing, course discussion, course learning checks, exercise files, apps
  • Premium – interactive courses, all personal features, projects, certification practice exams

Business plans

Professional – premium features, basic reporting, user analytics where teams are involved (trend analytics, basic skill analytics, usage analytics, channel analytics)

Enterprise – this plan is rather flexible and offers advanced analytics for the entire organization. It comes with all premium features as well as professional features, single sign-on, API access, as well as data export.

Is Pluralist Worth your time and money?

Pluralsight has significantly high quality courses with high-end education level subjects like manufacturing and design, business, software engineering, and many more. If you opt for the premium plan, you will certainly benefit from a range of features. This plan is recommended for learners who truly want to improve their skills while also hoping to get a job with those new abilities. To achieve this, you need to be a committed learner. So, if you are passionate and dedicated to your course, your investment will certainly pay off.

Final thoughts

With Pluralsight, learners can access their courses from anywhere and using almost any device at their disposal. As you can see, Pluralsight eLearning platform is definitely worth your money and time. If you are looking to learn multiple skills in a short time period, Pluralsight should certainly fit the bill.

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