Prep Expert Review: Are Prep Expert’s SAT Courses Worth Your Time and Money?

Prep Expert Review


Most universities require students to take either the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Testing (ACT) and submit their results to prospective universities. However, most students find these tests very intimidating. This is where online SAT prep comes in. Prep Expert has built quite a name for themselves in the SAT/ACT test prep industry, even though the company is only a couple of years old. Today, Prep Expert boasts of a team of highly qualified tutors, tens of prep course schedules, and a comprehensive library of learning resources that are guaranteed to help you raise your SAT score.

So what is Prep Expert?

Formerly known as 2400 Expert, Prep Expert was develop by Shaan Patel, a SAT perfect-scorer, with the goal of helping students ace their SAT scores and master crucial test-taking strategies. Shaan developed the course in 2011, a flagship 6-week course that was designed to help students improve their SAT scores by an average 200 points.

In 2016, Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban invested $250,000 into Expert Prep to turn this SAT prep model into an online SAT/ACT prep platform. Today, Prep Expert is one of the best online SAT/ACT prep courses provider in the industry. Prep Expert aims to offer the most intensive exam-prep experience possible to guarantee an excellent standardized test score. They achieve this by providing an in-depth look into how the ACT works. Prep Expert charges per hour and gives students access to meticulously-crafted curriculum either through video lessons taught by Shaan Patel himself or class instructors who scored in the 99 percentile on the ACT. The quality of their tutors, the depth of their learning materials, and the score improvements that they guarantee definitely make Prep Expert one of the best SAT prep courses provider for anyone hoping to ace ACT.

What you get when you sign up for Prep Expert SAT course

In your Prep Expert SAT package, you will access over 100 different ACT test taking strategies prepared by perfect score students Shaan Patel and Maria Filsinger. All their instructors have earned a perfect SAT score or at least scored 99 percent, so you can be sure you are learning how to ace SAT from the best possible resources there is.

Once you have signed up with Prep Expert, you will need to set aside a decent amount of time every week for your SAT studies. You will meet with the Prep Expert twice a week for three hours on weekends, and you will be required to complete full-length exams filled with SAT practice questions.

What is covered in the Prep Expert courses

The 72-hour flagship course

This 6-week Flagship course can be attended in-person or online. The course, as already indicated is 72 hours long and requires learners and instructors to meet twice a week for 3 hours, plus once for a 4-hour proctored SAT practice exam. At the end of the course, learners will have taken and received feedback on 6 practice SAT exams, enabling them to perfect the skills they need improvement on to bring their scores up when sitting for their SAT exam.

Additionally, this course acquaints learners with the test’s format, helping them build confidence, and become more comfortable. This course guarantees a 100 percent money-back guarantee if you do not score a 200-point improvement in your next SAT test.

Six-Week Advance course

The six-week Advanced course is designed for learners aiming to score 1500 or above on the SAT. This course is exclusively offered online. It employs the 100 strategies developed by Shaan to help learners realize their maximum scoring potential in the exam. This too is a 72-hour course with learners meeting 4 days per week for three hours each time. The practice SAT exams are self-proctored at home and learners are required to complete them before 11 PM PST.

This course guarantees a 200-point score improvement or you will get your money back.

The 3-Week Fast Track Course

The 3-Week Fast Track course is conducted exclusively online. It is another 72-hour course where learners meet with tutors 4 times per week for 3 hours at a time. Learners also take two practice tests every week at 4 hours of self-proctoring each time. Most learners prefer this crush course, especially during summer break.

This course guarantees a 100-point improvement on your next SAT exam or you will receive your money back.

Self-Paced video products

The Self-Paced Video SAT course comprises of Shaan’s recorded instruction to help students learn the fundamental strategies they need to boost their overall SAT score. This 60-hour course is exclusively online and can be taken at any time from any device. The videos are recorded in small segments and the course comes with lots of practice tests and questions so learners can master how to take their SAT test successfully. It also features printable test questions to help written-memory learners.

This Self-Paced Video SAT course comes with a score improvement guarantee. Thus, if you do not improve on your next SAT, Prep Expert commits to refund 100 percent of your money.

Weekend Review

The Weekend Review course is a great refresher and review course for learners who are about to write their SAT exams. These reviews are usually 12 hours long and are scheduled for the weekend before the next SAT. They are conducted online and spread out throughout Saturday and Sunday between 9 am and 3 pm each day. Learners get a 30-minute lunch break during the course. Learners take practice tests from home and get to exercise the skills they have mastered one last time before sitting for the SAT.

Private Tutors

Are you looking for live SAT tutoring? Test Prep also offers live online tutoring from the best SAT tutors in the industry. Every one of these tutors scored in the 99 percentile on their SAT and ACT, and they have mastered the 100 strategies of the Shaan Patel’s Prep Expert system. These tutors are hand-picked and trained by Shaan to deliver SAT training in a fun and engaging way. This package ranges from 4 hours to 48 hours of training. These trainings start at $29/hour and are a favorite with students who are looking for one-on-one approach to preparing for their SAT.

Prep Expert In-Person Classes

Prep Expert In-Person’s classes are currently offered in six cities across the country:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Washington, D.C
  • Princeton, New Jersey
  • Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Orange County, California

Prep Expert SAT Course Pricing

Compared to other SAT prep courses, Prep Expert tend to be a bit pricey. That said, students have the option of signing up for a monthly payment plan. All you need is an excellent SAT score, and you can pay as little as $88/month for your SAT prep.

Here is a summary of their payment plan

  • Most popular –Online 6-week SAT prep – $799
  • Private tutoring (8 hours) – $949
  • Self-paced video SAT prep course – $799
  • In-person SAT prep training $1199

Prep Expert SAT courses pros and cons

Now that you know what you get when you sign up for your SAT prep with Prep Expert, what are the merits and demerits of this SAT prep platform?

The merits

  1. Top-crème instructors – All the Prep Expert’s tutors are hand-picked by Shaan Patel based on their excellent SAT score.
  2. Comprehensive Prep resources – All learners receive 6 books written by Shaan Patel when you sign up with Prep Expert. You can view these books online or request their print versions.
  3. Actual classroom setting in a virtual world – Prep Expert’s online classroom is designed to mirror the real classroom. This offers a perfect setting for students to ask any questions they might be having via the chatbox. Additionally, students are highly encouraged to participate in classroom discussions, just like in a real classroom environment.

The drawbacks

  1. In-person private tutoring is only available in a few locations in the US.
  2. Courses are a bit pricey compared to other SAT prep providers

So are you the ideal candidate for Prep Expert courses?

Do you still doubt if Prep Expert is the best online SAT prep provider for you? The following statements should help you make up your mind:

  • Do you want to boost your SAT score? This course is for you.
  • Do you want to enroll in an in-person course from your city? This course may not be for you
  • Do you want to interact with your instructor and ask questions? This course is for you.
  • Do you lack the time to devote to a strict study schedule? This course is not for you.

This course is not for you if you are not ready to invest time to practice SAT tests.

Prep Expert Review: Conclusion

Learners prepping for the SAT usually run into confusion about how much preparation is required for SAT and when they should start preparing for it. If you are looking for an effective and unique online SAT preparation course, Prep Expert is definitely the one for you. And you will be pleased to learn that all their courses come with a 100 percent money-back guarantee should you fail to realize a rise in your SAT score. Sign up with Prep Expert today and start your journey to acing your SAT exam.

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