SAT Prep: The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for and Acing your SAT Exam

SAT Prep courses

If you are going to study at a US university, then you must sit and pass the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). This is because practically all the four-year university courses in the US require exams such as the SAT for undergraduate admission. This College Board administered exam is globally recognized and is taken by 2 million students from 175 countries each year. Most learners take this exam in their 11th or 12th grade.

So why is it important to prepare for your SAT exam?

Almost all undergrad courses in the United States and many colleges around the world use the SAT exam result to make an admission decision. So if you really want to get to the university then you need to invest time and effort preparing for your SAT exam.

Here are some of the reasons why prepping for your SAT exam is important.

  1. Academic and Athletic Scholarships

SAT score is essential to getting academic as well as athletic scholarships. Both the NAIA and NCAA, organizations that regulate college sports in the United States consider SAT an important requirement for athletic scholarships. And even if you do not play any sport, a good SAT score can earn you between $5000 and $50,000 in scholarship depending on your score and the university you are enrolling in.

  1. Admission to Universities

As already mentioned, nearly all admission officers in the United States consider students’ SAT scores an important requirement in the admission process. The higher your SAT score, the greater your chances will be of earning a college admission. The competition of admission is even higher when it comes to top universities. That is why having a great SAT score is crucial if you want to be admitted into these top universities.

What does SAT measure?

The Scholastic Aptitude Test is used to measure both the school’s and the individual learner’s attainment progress. The purpose of the test is to measure the learner’s attainment in Math, Reading, Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling.

Preparing for SAT exam: How to find the right course

For the record, taking a prep course in SAT or ACT is not mandatory. Many students can achieve impressive grades without necessarily signing up for an SAT/ACT prep course. If you are one such student, then all you need to do is make use of the many free SAT/ACT study materials available online. However, if you cannot create your study plan, or need expert guidance in solving problems and grading concepts, then an SAT prep course is your best option. Below are a few tips for finding the best SAT prep course.

Expert Tutor

A SAT prep tutor who is clueless or cannot help you with in-depth explanations and guidance with your course problems beats the whole logic of enrolling for an SAT class. Your SAT/ACT prep tutor must be an expert with hands-on experience to offer prompt guidance. You are better off opting for courses with expert tutors who scored the highest percentiles in SAT/ACT and have the training and experience in tutoring.

Quality of Homework and Study Materials

An SAT/ACT prep class that provides good quality study materials and homework assignments is your best bet. The homework assignments must align with the class curriculum to enable you to revise and practice your previous lessons and prepare for your next class. This helps you follow an organized study routine; hence you can stay enlightened throughout your study period.

Guaranteed results

Prep classes that offer exceptional SAT preparation will undoubtedly promise you better results at the end of the course. The results are typically an improved SAT/ACT score that increases your chances of college admissions. The guarantee demonstrates the class’s capacity to work with learners of different ability levels to achieve desired results.

Preparing for SAT: Tips to Acing your SAT Exam

Here are some practical tips on how to prepare for the SAT.

  1. Register early for the SAT:

Preparing for the SAT also requires you to register early. Register for your SAT through the College Board website. You can register online, via email, or through a phone call. Registration via phone call is always costly, so it should be your last option. Before completing the registration, select the center that will supervise your SAT test day. It’s advisable to choose the nearest center to avoid traveling for hours on your test day.

2 Embrace your strengths and weaknesses:

To gauge your strengths and identify your weaknesses, take an online SAT practice test. There are many practice tests available on SAT prep online platforms. They also personalized practice recommendations depending on your practice results. The practice tests help you embrace your strengths and weaknesses, work on them, and confidently prepare for the actual SAT test. Also, read widely to build your vocabulary and hone your essay writing skills.

  1. Practice and practice again:

 Another way to effectively prepare for your SAT is by practicing consistently. Take advantage of any free time to practice each day. This not only boosts your confidence and takes away your apprehension, but also helps you warm up to the prospects of taking the SAT test.

  1. Get ready for the test day:

As the day of SAT test approaches, it is recommended that you take a break from your other demanding obligations so you can have time to rest and prepare for the test. Taking a break helps you to relax, get enough sleep, and organize everything you will need for the test day. Some important items you must organize in your bag includes:

  • Your admission ticket
  • Photo ID
  • Pencils with erasers
  • A calculator
  • A snack or drink for break time

Best Online SAT Prep Platforms

Below are three of the best SAT prep platforms that may be helpful for your SAT prep course.

  1. Magoosh

The Magoosh SAT prep is fully online that is both flexible and affordable. With only a strong internet connection, you can access Magoosh on any device, be it a computer or mobile phone. Magoosh provides over 200 video lessons with 1700+ practice questions and three practice tests. The flexibility of the Magoosh study program enables you to study on the go, anytime, anywhere.

Magoosh SAT prep is available for $100 for a 1-month course, $119 for a 3-month period, and $129 for 12 months.

  1. The Princeton Review 

With nearly 40 years in providing SAT prep courses, The Princeton Review offers outstanding SAT prep courses in different online formats.

The Princeton Review SAT 1400+ guarantees a 1400+ score with 36 hours of live online study and attractive study packages going for $1,289.

The Princeton Review SAT 1500+. This course promises a 1500+ SAT score with 28 hours of live online lessons designed for small groups. The time goes for $1,999.

The Princeton Review Private Tutoring provides one-to-one tutoring with score guarantees costing $150 an hour.

On-demand tutoring is also available at $39.99 per subscription or a one-time payment of $349.99.

The Princeton Review SAT self-paced provides online study materials for self-paced students. This course costs $199 for SAT and $299 for both SAT and ACT courses.

  1. The Prep Expert

Besides the Kranse Institute, Prep Expert was founded by the perfect SAT scorer Shaan Patel. The course is offered in an online format, with chat rooms and other interactive features that enable ease of communication and connection between students and tutors as well as students and their peers. Student study progress is checked through polls created by tutors. Dates and time schedules for Prep Expert courses are fixed. The courses include:

  • Live, online tutor lessons and meetings
  • Weekly self-supervised SAT practice exam
  • Study books are written by Shaan Patel. Available for download

Prep Expert 6-week flagship and 3-week Fast Track courses contain:

  • 6-week course with 200 point SAT score improvement guarantee
  • 3-week course with 100 points SAT score guarantee
  • Access to online study materials extended to 2 months after the end of course period

Prep Expert Self-pace is also available at $490 for 12 months with SAT score guarantee.

Prep Expert Weekend Review costs $299 with no SAT score guarantee.

Private tutoring comes in several packages of gold and silver:

  • Gold package 4 hours costs $1,199
  • Gold package 8 hours costs $2,199
  • Gold package 16 hours costs $3,9
  • The silver package starts at $699

Gold packages tutoring registered by tutors who scored 99th percentile with at least 1000 hours experience in tutoring. Silver packages are provided to tutors who scored 99th percentile with at least 100 hours of teaching experience.


A SAT exam is an important exam for every college bound individual. As already mentioned, these tests can not only help you get a college admission, but they can also help you earn a scholarship for your higher education. So, what next? If you are looking to improve your chances of getting a higher SAT score, consider signing up for online SAT prep courses discussed in this post today.

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