Seven Top Online Machine Learning Courses for 2020

online machine learning courses

Looking to fast-tack your Machine Learning and Data Science career? One of these online Machine Learning certifications will help you realize grow your skills and build your career

Machine Learning has become one of the most sought after business process automation and optimization tools. And with current talent shortage, this is the perfect time to learn machine learning or hone your deep learning skills by signing up for an online certification program.

So why is Machine Learning important?

The growing interest in machine learning is as a result of the same factors that have caused a surge in the demand for data mining and Bayesian analysis. Factors like growing volumes and varieties of available data, cheaper and more powerful computational processing, and cost-effective data storage.

All these factors mean it is possible to automatically and effectively generate models that can analyze larger and more complex data to deliver faster and accurate results. And by generating accurate models, an organization has a better chance of avoiding potential risks while identifying profitable opportunities.

Seven Best Online Machine Learning Courses for 2020

1. Machine Learning Course by Stanford University

This is without doubt the best online machine learning course available. This course has been created by Andrew Ng, Coursera Co-Founder and Professor at Stanford University. This online Machine Learning program has been taken by over 3 million learners worldwide with an average rating of 4.9/5. A look at the learners’ testimonials and you will appreciate why it is highly recommended.

The topics covered in this program include best practices, supervised learning, AI, and innovation in Machine Learning. Students also get to access numerous case studies and applications among other things. And the best part about this program is that you can enroll for a 7-day free trial before proceeding to purchase the entire course.

Course highlights:

  • Master parametric and non-parametric algorithms, dimensionality reduction, clustering, among other key topics
  • Access mentorship on the best ML practices from an instructor
  • Interact with fellow learners in a community of like-minded students from all expertise levels
  • Access to real-world case studies for an opportunity to master the art of problem solving with ML
  • Flexible deadline allows you to study at your pace
  • Master how to apply learning algorithms to understand text, build small robots, audio, and data mining

Course duration: Approximately 55 hours

Rating: 4.9/5

2. Deep Learning (

Another Machine Learning course developed by Andrew Ng, this online ML program spreads across five courses that span a couple of weeks. You will learn about the foundations of Deep Learning, building neural networks, as well as building machine learning projects. During the coursework, you will get to work on real-time case studies around music creation, healthcare, and natural language processing among other industries. More than 300+ learners have already signed up for this online course.

Course highlights:

  • Learn about RNNs, convolutional networks, Dropout, BatchNorm, and more.
  • Learn different techniques you can use to build models for solving real-life problems
  • Access real-world case studies in fields like autonomous driving, healthcare, music generation, sign language reading, and natural language processing
  • Learn best ML practices from industry experts
  • Complete assignments and assessments as per your course schedule to earn specialization upon completing the program.

Course duration: 3 months

Course rating: 4.9/5

3. Mathematics for Machine Learning by Imperial College London

There is no denying that Machine Learning is everywhere today. While most people sign up for online courses to learn the different aspect of Machine Learning, the concept of mathematics for ML is often overlooked. This course is designed to bridge the gap and build a solid understanding of the mathematics behind ML, its application and use in the context of Machine Learning and Data Science.

The course begins with Linear Algebra and Multivariate Calculus before proceeding to more complex mathematical concepts. At the end of this online course, you will have a solid mathematical footing to take more advanced courses in Machine Learning and become an expert in the field.

Course highlights:

  • Learn the fundamental concepts on how to use huge pools of data
  • Lectures come with detailed explanation of how to handle graded assignments
  • The third course is an intermediate-level course that requires working knowledge of Numpy and Python
  • Learn how to optimize fitting functions to get good fits for data

Course duration: 2 months

Course rating: 4.6/5

4. Python for Everybody (University of Michigan)

This online certification program is designed to introduce you to the fundamental programming concepts like data structures, databases, and network application program interfaces using Python.

Upon completion of these core concepts, you will work on a final project to create your own applications for data retrieval, processing, and visualization.

Course highlights:

  • Ideal for learners with little or no basic programming background
  • Apply the concepts learned in the lessons by writing your first Python program and experimenting with various techniques
  • Lectures are designed in a fun and interactive manner making them both engaging and intriguing
  • The program is divided into a series 5 courses with advancing levels of difficulty
  • Be able to create applications for data retrieval and process
  • Master the basics of SQL and database design

Course duration: 3 months

Course Rating: 4.8/5

5. Master of Science of Machine Learning by Imperial College London

Earning a master’s degree in computer science can be excellent when you are looking to land a research and development or engineering-oriented job. This online Machine Learning course is sponsored by Imperial College of London and is designed for those who are seeking to earn a master’s degree online.

The classes will not only show you how to build systems for predictions and classification of information but also gain practical knowledge you will need for solving real world problems. You will also get to polish your analytical skills, explore the subject from an ethical view point and look into the essential tools like PySpark.

Course highlights:

  • Acquire insights from developed systems in so you can make strategic decisions for an organization
  • You will be taught and guided by ML experts and researchers
  • You will be required to pass coursework and assessments with a score above cutoff to complete this program
  • You will complete your project and thesis with top tech-based companies

Course duration: Self-paced

Course rating: 4.5/5

6. Advanced Machine Learning by HSE

This online certification program has been developed by a team of 21 experts, researchers and professors and is designed for learners who want to advance their knowledge of Machine Learning. As such, only learners with basic or intermediate knowledge of ML should sign up for this program. You will learn about natural language understanding, Bayesian methods, computer vision, and reinforcement learning. If you have a strong proficiency of Machine Learning, and are looking to hone your skills, then this online certification program will definitely help you go a notch higher.

Course highlights:

  • Get introduced to advanced topics like reinforcement learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and more
  • The course is concisely designed to help you master new skills and enhance your portfolio in the shortest time possible
  • Course is designed with assignments and projects to help you implement the knowledge you have acquired
  • You will work on projects and learn about the experiences of top experts and Kaggle machine learning practitioners.

Course duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.6/5

7. Machine Learning Nanodegree program from Udacity

This Udacity Nanodegree program is designed for aspiring data scientists. You will explore the end to end process of data analysis through Machine Learning lens. You will learn how to extract and identify key features that you can use to present your data in the best possible form. Additionally, you will go over some of the most important Machine Learning algorithms and evaluate their performance.

Course highlights:

  • Interactive quizzes lets you master the topics covered
  • Join student support forum for exchange of ideas
  • Self-paced learning allows you to study at your pace and schedule
  • Course content has been created in collaboration with AWS and Kaggle
  • Access one-on-one mentorship as well as personal career coaching
  • Learn about supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and deep learning among other topics

Course duration: 3 months

Course rating: 4.5/5

There you have it! These are some of the best Machine Learning courses available online for 2020. We hope you have found what you are looking for. Before you go, take a look at other courses from different domains and subjects reviewed on our website. Happy learning!

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