Top 10 Online Certifications on DataCamp in 2020

best certifications from DataCamp

Looking to fast-tack your data science career? One of these online personal development certifications will help you realize your goals and better your life

Established in 2014, DataCamp is a Massive Open Online Courses that specializes in providing online certifications to learners all over the world. This online learning platform specializes exclusively on data science and R programming certifications. As they indicate on their website, over 90 percent of the world’s data has been created in the past two years – and this means that the need for data specialists is growing by the day.

Why sign up for online certification at DataCamp?

DataCamp aims to teach learners the essential skills they need to work with data – all from the comfort of their homes, or wherever they might be. Generally, data science and data in general, is the new language in the professional world. And like with any other language (whether natural or programming), practice does make perfect.

Whether you are seeking to improve you are career or simply learn for fun, DataCamp focuses on creating a learning environment that will help you achieve your goals. They have created interactive courses, a learning community, tutorials, and walkthroughs to make your online learning as effective as possible.

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Top 10 online certifications at DataCamp.

Basically, this refers to activities geared towards helping you improve your identity and awareness, harness and develop talents and potential, build human capital, boost your employability, help you realize your dreams and aspirations, and enhance your life’s overall quality. The best thing about personal development is that it is not only limited to providing self-help. Rather, it works in providing formal and informal skills that are crucial for developing personalities of the people around you so they can effectively assume the roles of manager, guide, mentor, counselor, life coach, and teacher. It also refers to the programs, assessment tools, methods, techniques, and resources that contribute to the human development at individual levels within the organization.

Top 10 online certifications at DataCamp.

1. DataCamp’s Data Scientist with Python Tutorial

There is no doubt that Python is one of the most important languages for data science. In this online certification program, you will focus on Python’s key concepts like error handling, syntax, and iterators to name but a few.

During this 84-hour online certification program, you will master the techniques you need to work with large sets of data and draw meaning out of them. You will learn how to perform scientific computations with numphy, write your own functions and visualize the various insights gained with Pandas. By the end of your online learning, you will be proficient in ML and statistical topics that will enable you to work with complex data using Python programming.

Key selling points:

  • Learn how to import and cleanse data from various sources like Excel sheet, Internet, SAS, and database.
  • Work with industry level libraries and resources that will give you a feel of real world challenges faced in this industry.
  • Integrate and utilize your knowledge on projects where you will get to explore the Stanford Open Policing dataset and analyze the impact of gender on police behavior.
  • Master the fundamentals of databases and how to efficiently use them for analysis

2. Python Programming Tutorial with DataCamp

This online certification program is designed to help you master the skills necessary for working with Python, one of the most in-demand programming languages. Designed for beginners, this 15-hour certification will introduce you to Python basics such as syntaxes, flow structures as well as important data structures like tuples, lists, and dictionaries. Once you have built your skills, you can move on to intermediate topics like using matplotlib and Pandas for presenting your findings from the data using visualizations to interact with your audiences.

Key selling points:

  • Learn to debut errors and master the scope of variables as well as other entities when solving problems
  • Learner-friendly interactive lectures for fun learning experience
  • Lots of examples that reinforce concepts as you learn

3. Data Scientist with R on DataCamp

R is one of the programming languages that play a critical role in data science, most often for statistical analysis. So in this online certification program, you will be introduced to the techniques you need to analyze data by manipulating data structures like matrices, vectors, and data frames. During this 94-hour certification, you will learn loops, vector functions, and conditional statements, before delving into the tools you will need to put theoretical concepts into action.

Key selling points:

  • Learn how to import and parse data from different sources like XLS, CSV, and text files using tools like data.table, and readxl.
  • Prepare, clean, and structure your datasets before extracting information from them
  • Combine datasets to deliver results that you would otherwise not achieve when working with individual tables
  • Bring Unix command line into equation for purposes of automating repetitive tasks and running codes on cloud.

4. R Programmer Tutorial

Are you interested in learning R programming language? Then this online certification for R programming is worth checking out. You will start by learning about the basic data types, using variables to create vectors, and working with matrices among other crucial topics. You will learn how to explore various tools and software applications such as dyplr and ggplot2. By the end of your training, you will be able to manipulate data to develop analytics tools.

Key selling points:

  • Learn how to write functional codes using parallel programming, benchmarking, and profiling.
  • Lean how to use object-oriented techniques with S3, R6 systems to reduce program complexity.
  • Reinforce learning by going through multiple real-world examples and case studies.

5. Machine Learning with Python Learning Path

If you have already mastered Python and would love to build upon your skillset and jump-start your career in machine learning, then this online certification is designed to take you through this journey. You will learn about classification problems and apply supervised learning techniques to solve them. You will learn how to use tools like scipy and scikit-learn for extracting information from different kinds of data. You will end this 20-hour online certification program by working on a project that will enable you to build a model based on the problem statement.

Key selling points:

  • Discover patterns in data and learn how to sort them into clusters
  • Learn the basics of unsupervised learning and explore different algorithms
  • Learn how to use Python for training, testing, and tuning linear classifiers

6. Statistics Fundamentals with R

Statistical analysis is an important component of understanding datasets and this online certification program utilizes R to address these topics as it is one of the key choices for these kinds of tasks. You will start the class by learning how to identify problems and collect relevant data for solving them. Next, you will learn how to summarize real-world datasets by working on a case study and applying logical regression for classification. You will end this 20-hour online learning program by learning about the basic experimental designs and statistical tests.

Key selling points:

  • Access introductory lectures that will help you decide if this certification is right for you
  • Learn how to visualize, fit, and interpret the solution models
  • Enjoy a relaxed and interactive learning environment
  • Use case studies to get an idea of real-world scenarios

7. Text Mining with R Course

There is no question that text is one of the most inexpensive data forms, and it is often used to other forms of unstructured data. This online certification program will help you understand everything what you can accomplish with text. You will learn how to cleanse, summarize and model text. You will navigate through the tools you need to perform sentiment analysis, run and interpret topic models and visualize text.

Key selling points:

  • Learn how to mine text from different sources and use regular expressions and stringr to generate patterns
  • Understand the theory and apply your skill in a real-life based case study
  • Get comprehensive guidance and master various tools you need to mine and make sense of text
  • Reinforce what you have learned by solving several practical assignments

8. Data Analyst with Python

In this online certification, you will acquire the skills you need to jump-start your career as a data analyst. You will start this 60-hour course by learning how to harness the power of Python for data analysis by familiarizing yourself with the basic syntax and popular modules like Pandas and Matplotlib. Additionally, you will explore the various techniques you need to extract information from databases, visualize your insights, and communicate them with your audience.

Key selling points:

  • Learn how to explore databases like SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle
  • Build your import skills by handling API and web data
  • Learn how to work with real-life datasets including strings and numeric data
  • Learn how to deal with missing values and outlier by diagnosing data for problems

9. Learn R

Are you interested in learning R but are not sure where to start? Take a look at this online certification today. You can opt for the entire course so you can get a complete knowledge or just take a single unit to master a specific skill. Some of the topics you will learn during in this self-paced class include an introduction to R, data cleansing, data visualization, and more.

Key selling points:

  • Learn how to work with tons of fun exercises as you discover your weak points
  • Learn how to navigate through various tools to produce meaningful visualizations

10. Data Visualization with R

Mining information from data is definitely an important task. However, it is equally important that the extracted data is presented in an efficient manner so that the information contained in it can be used in a proper manner for better decision making. If you are the type that loves learning by practice, then this online certification program will not disappoint you. After learning the fundamentals, you can get started in working with ggplot2. During this 24-hour course, you will understand the language of graphics and explore the different themes, coordinates and more that this tool has to offer.

Key selling points:

  • Learn how to explore the various charts and visualization types among others in order to convey your data
  • Learn the best practices and master your visualization skills
  • Perfect your skills by practicing various exercises and concepts
  • Learn how to implement Trellis graphics in R

There you have it. Here are top 10 best DataCamp certifications available for 2020. Hope you found what you are looking for. Click here to see more online certification programs from DataCamp or click here to see the available skill tracks. Happy learning!

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