Top 6 Business Analytics Online Certifications, Courses & Trainings in 2020

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Are you looking for the best Business Analytics certification program? Choose from our list of best online Business Analytics courses as reviewed and compiled by our experts and take your skills to another level.

With the growing role of data in the 21st century, the demand for business professionals who can collect and make sense of this data has risen tremendously. According a 2016 McKinsey and Company’s 2016 report, the volume of data doubles every 36 months. Currently, there is a shortage of 1.5 million data experts skilled enough to mine data and make sound business decisions. Knowledge of business analytics is crucial for turning data into actionable intelligence, thus making it quite important to the success of any business.

Business Analytics involves the use of various statistical and quantitative tools and techniques as well as predictive models for purposes of gaining insights and making data-driven decisions.

Here is our list of top-six picks for the best online certifications and specializations that will help you master the fundamentals of business analytics and empower you with the necessary skills about the right tools and techniques for your business. These certifications will open the door for greater career opportunities for learners. While most of these online certifications can be taken up by beginners, some are advanced level courses that require some prior knowledge of business analytics.

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Top Six Online Business Analytics Certifications in 2020

1. Wharton’s Business Analytics

Designed by Wharton School, this Business Analytics certification is meant for anyone interested in understanding how data is used in making business decisions. You will learn how to use data to describe, predict, and inform business decisions. This certification aims to boost your understanding of how big data and analytics are applied in four important areas: human resources and talent management (people analytics), marketing (customer analytics), finance, and operations.

The knowledge gained will help you create a new data-driven business decisions, participate in conversations about business analytics, transition to a new career path, or improve your own business.

The certification contains four targeted courses –Operations Analytics, Customer Analytics, Accounting Analytics, and People Analytics. The program culminates with a Business Analytics Capstone project. This is a hands-on project that requires you to apply the business analysis skills you have learned in solving a real problem faced by tech giants like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook. The capstone project is designed with Yahoo to provide essential experience you need to reinforce your ability to make decisions based on available data.

This program is ideal for beginners with no prior business analytics experience or knowledge. However, a working knowledge of the basics of Microsoft Excel will be an added advantage.

Course highlights

  • Be fluent in business data strategies
  • Understand how data is used for recruitment and performance evaluation
  • Master the tools used for predicting customer behavior
  • Model supply and demand for various business scenarios
  • Build an analytic mindset to help solve business problems using data-driven decision making
  • Handle several exercises to reinforce what you have learned
  • Perform a capstone project to apply your skills to a real world situation

Course duration:  20 weeks, 2-5hours/week

2. Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques For Business Specialization by Duke University

This online certification is facilitated by the most prestigious Duke University in collaboration with Coursera. It is designed for anyone interested in data analysis and its applications in business decision making. In this online certification program, you will master how to use powerful tools and methods like Tableau, MySQL, and Excel to analyze data, design visualizations, create forecasts and models, and communicate your insights.

The certification comes with four relevant courses followed by a capstone project that requires learners to apply data analysis concepts and recommend appropriate techniques to boost profits of a residential rental property firm. The capstone project has been designed with the help of Airbnb.

The program starts with introduction to best practices for using data analytics, identifying key metrics, etc. The program also covers data analysis techniques used by giants like Airbnb, Amazon, and Uber, and how these techniques help them in their respective industries. You will then be introduced to Excel, MySQL, and Tableau, followed by exercises to translate and persuasively communicate insights into actionable recommendations for business decision makers. This online certification can be taken by beginners without prior knowledge of business analytics.

Course highlights

  • Master how to recognize the most important business metrics and distinguish from regular data
  • Understand how organizations like Amazon, Airbnb, and Uber are using big data and data analytics to stay ahead of competition in their industries
  • Learn how to design and implement realistic predictive models using available data
  • Master effective data visualization with Tableau
  • Understand how relational database work
  • Complete a hands-on project by applying techniques learned to solve real world problems

Course duration: 5 courses, 4-6 weeks

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3. Advanced Business Analytics Specialization by University of Colorado

This online certification program is based on summer boot camp that is run as part of Masters of Business Analytics Program by the University of Colorado Boulder Leads School of Business. The certification focuses on teaching real world business analytical skills so that you can leverage data to fix complex business problems. Besides learning about business analytical problems, you will also gain practical skills such as how to use SQL code for extracting and manipulating data, executing statistical analysis for prescriptive, predictive, and descriptive analysis, and discussing, interpreting, and predicting analytical results.

This certification comes with the following five courses:

  • Introduction to Data Analytics for Business
  • Predictive Modeling and Analytics
  • Business Analytics for Decision Making
  • Communicating Business Analytics Results
  • Advanced Business Analytics Capstone

This is an intermediate program that requires prior knowledge in statistics. It is recommended that you gain a working knowledge of Excel as well as a high-level of programming instructions when signing up for this online certification program.

Course highlights

  • Master the entire business analytics process, from data capture to extraction, analysis, modeling, and presentation of findings.
  • Learn how to extract and manipulate data stored in large databases using SQL
  • Learn how to identify and apply statistical models that are routinely used for implementing descriptive analytics
  • Learn how to use Excel-based tools for constructing models based on simulation, regression, and data mining
  • Learn how to use Excel-based tools for constructing models pertaining to linear programming, simulation optimization, and integer programming methods
  • Complete a capstone project related to financial loans to help with the investment decisions of an investment company

Course Duration: 4-5 months

4. Data Analysis and Presentation Skills: The PwC approach

This online certification is created by PwC and is designed to equip you with practical training of data analysis, so you can understand data, employ data analytics tools and create effective business intelligence presentations. You will learn how to use PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, and other common data analysis and communication tools.

This online certification program has been designed for beginners in the field of data analytics. Thus, you do not need prior knowledge or background in business analytics and statistics. However, you will need PowerPoint and MS Excel to successfully complete some of the course’s exercises.

This certification comes with five courses:

  • Data-driven decision making – this will introduce you to big data, how it is used and a framework for conducting Data Analysis as well as commonly used tools and techniques
  • Problem Solving with Excel – learn the basic functions of Excel through a guided demonstration
  • Data Visualization with Advanced Excel – Learn PowerPivot, Excel’s built-in tools, data visualization, and dynamic dashboards among other concepts
  • Effective Business Presentation with PowerPoint – Learn how to present your data in a coherent manner
  • Data Analysis and Presentation Skills – This is the final project designed to bring together the skills and insights you have learned through the four courses

Course highlights

  • Master how to use data and analytics framework for developing a business problem solving plans
  • Master how to use PowerPivot for building data models and databases
  • Master how to use Excel for analyzing data using formulas to present a series of visualizations
  • Master how to create a dynamic data dashboard in Excel that accepts inputs and refreshes with new data
  • Complete a capstone project that involves application of data analysis and presentation skills to solve real world business problems
  • Master the best design principles for effective slides and visuals
  • Iterate peer feedback to complete tasks and projects

Course duration: 21 weeks

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5. Business Analytics – A Nanodegree program

This Nanodegree program introduces you to the fundamental data skills that are applicable across different industries and functions. It majorly focuses on how to collect and analyze data, model business scenarios, and communicate your findings using Excel, SQL, and Tableau.

This certification’s curriculum has been developed in partnership with Mode and Tableau, with industry needs in mind. It has been divided into the following sections:

  • Welcome to the program – this is an introduction and orientation to the program
  • Introduction to Data – you will learn how to use statistics and build models in Excel
  • SQL for Data Analysis – you will learn how to mine and analyze data using SQL
  • Data Visualization – you will learn how to build meaningful data visualizations and data dashboards

This introductory level certification program does not require any prior experience. It is, therefore, ideal for beginners in the data analysis industry or anyone seeking to acquire the skills and complete simple data analysis and exploration tasks. The main goal of this online certification program is on projects where you can implement the techniques you have learned and strengthen your skills.

Course highlights:

  • Master exploratory data analysis using small to mid-sized datasets
  • Real-world projects and content generated in collaboration with top companies
  • An interactive learning environment facilitated by Udacity with excellent student and community support
  • Individual 1-on-1 mentorship available
  • Projects assessed by qualified instructors rather than automated or peer reviews
  • Tailor-made feedback, career coach, and career services

Course duration: 3 months

6. Strategic Business Analytics Specialization by Essec Business School

This online certification program has been created by Essec Business School and is designed for learners who are interested in mastering the practical applications of big data and business analytics techniques. It covers a range of analytics approaches in a variety of industry domains such as communications, media, and public services to mention but a few.

Upon successful completion of this online certification program, you have sound mastery of big data management, with a credible understanding of how you can use data to leverage strategic value. You will be able to combine and manipulate data sets and make meaningful interpretations of them. The certification also prepares you to successfully present your interpretations and value case to potential stakeholders.

The program comes with four courses

  • Foundations of strategic business analytics
  • Foundations of marketing analytics
  • Case studies in business analytics with Accenture
  • Capstone project

This is an advanced level certification program that requires considerable statistical background. It is recommended that you have knowledge of R programming language as well as analytics to be able to complete this program successfully. Some machine learning as well as SQL is also recommended.

Course highlights

  • Gain hands-on skills by handling cases studies in real business contexts such as predicting and forecasting events, calculating customer scores and lifetime value, and statistical customer segmentation.
  • Master text mining, social network analysis, real-time bidding, sentiment analysis, and online campaign optimization among others.
  • Earn a specialization certificate from one of the world’s most prestigious business schools
  • Complete a capstone project to reinforce the skills you have acquired in the program

Course Duration: 16 weeks

Business analytics is the process of collating, sorting, processing, and studying business data, and applying statistical techniques and iterative methodology to make business insights out of data. The ultimate goal is to determine which datasets are relevant and how a business can leverage them to solve problems and increase productivity, efficiency, and revenue. Grab a course today and acquire skills that will propel you into an exciting career as a business analyst.

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