Udacity Blockchain Developer Nanodegree Review

Blockchain continues to take the online world by storm. Businesses can now how tailor-made blockchain architectures built to suit their day to day activities all the while keeping customer and sensitive business data safe. While this technology may have been around for a while, it is only barely getting to the point of realizing its optimum potential. As a Blockchain Developer, you will work alongside organizations to help them realize their digital goals. You will be required to create innovative ways to make businesses run more efficiently, processing their data and producing systemic workflows that enhance user experience.

But, this is not a skill that you acquire overnight, and some form of certification is required to break into the field. This is where an online learning platform like Udacity come into play to offer learners an opportunity to get learn essential skills from the comfort of their homes. This sounds enticing on the surface but, but we have decided to check out if the Blockchain Developer Nanodegree program from Udacity is worth your time and money. Additionally, we have looked into the job market, both current and future, to see is a career as a blockchain developer is worth it. Before we get into the course, let us take a look at Udacity.

About Udacity and its Nanodegree programs

Udacity (read review here) is an online learning platform that was founded in 2012 by two Stanford University professors with the idea of offering pocket-friendly online computer science courses to learners from all over the world. Since its founding, Udacity has partnered with industry giants like Amazon, Uber, and Google to develop online tech courses that make learners job-ready on the go.

Udacity Nanodegree programs take less than a year to complete and come with amazing perks. These courses are designed to enhance learner experience, with the goal of doing everything within their power to aid in the learner’s success after completing the program. These perks include:

A completely flexible learning schedule

All Udacity courses are open to you for as long as you like. You have the power to set your learning schedule that fits into your program. You can log into your dashboard and learn at a time and location of your choosing.

A supportive community

This community includes a students’ forum where you can get social and seek help when you are stuck. You will be able to interact with fellow learners and build networks that may be helpful as you advance in your career. Additionally, you will also be introduced to a mentor who will be around to help you should you run into technical difficulty during your coursework.

Hands-on industry projects

Udacity aims to ensure that their graduates get into the job market with real experience that they can apply on day one. For this reason, all their Nanodegree courses come with projects that are based on solving real problems faced by businesses.

Killer career services

To sum up everything, Udacity puts a lot of effort into helping their graduates successfully enter the job market. This includes a review of both their resumes and LinkedIn profile. Once you have completed the course, you are welcome to take a mock interview prep with a career staff member as part of your actual job interview preparation.

Course instructors

Udacity puts in some pretty decent effort when it comes to creating their courses, and this blockchain developer Nanodegree is no different. Not only do they collaborate with tech giants like Google and Amazon, they also source expert tutors to help facilitate the courses. In this program, you will meet the following tutors:

Brandy Camacho

Brandy is not only lead of the curriculum for this Udacity blockchain developer Nanodegree but also the founder of Network Designs. She specializes in software solutions where she works at the very core of designing and shaping architectures.

Jessica Lin

Jessica’s background in Biomedical Engineering led her to work with advanced technologies in the field of healthcare. She continues her work and also instructs at Udacity.

Joe Nyzio

Joe is a graduate of neuroscience. Besides this course, he has also taught other Nanodegree programs like Tech Entrepreneur and Data Analyst.

Rachna Ralhan

Besides her impressive educational background, Rachna has a vast work experience. After her masters in Software Management, she worked with Intel, Cypress and AMD among other top companies.

PK Rasan

PK has worked with blockchain firsthand as the Founder and Chief Officer for LINCD. He brings forth years of experience in Crypto intelligence.

Nick Kalyani

Nick is a blockchain architect who has years of experience working with the building of micro-contacts. He co-founded CTO and is also the founder of two startups: TryCrypto and Walkstarter.

Course Prerequisites

Like most platform programs, Udacity blockchain developer Nanodegree comes with recommended prior knowledge. Though you will receive some introductions to the specifics, it is easy to feel lost if you are not familiar with certain concepts. Here are the prerequisites for this online blockchain course:

  • At least one year of experience with an object-oriented programming language
  • Application development skills using JavaScript
  • Some understanding of how servers are built
  • Basic knowledge of client-server models
  • Proficiency with remote API

If these sounds like the course can be a bit out of your league, consider checking out free Udacity courses  to help you brush up your skills:

Course Breakdown

Now on to the Nanodegree. This Udacity blockchain developer Nanodegree course is broken into four modules followed by a capstone project where you get to apply everything you have learned to build your first blockchain project. Here is a breakdown of what is included in each module:

Blockchain Fundamentals

The program kicks off with an introduction to blockchain where you will get a comprehensive explanation of how it works. From the very onset, you will be working towards building your very own blockchain with Node.js.

Ethereum Network

After mastering the basics and understanding how it all works, you will get to dive a little deeper. In this module, you will be introduced to Ethereum. You will also learn how to use networks to build Dapps.

Blockchain Architecture

Blockchain Architectures are very important for producing the desired results. The ability to design custom workflows for different kinds of organizations is highlighted in this module, where you will learn how privacy and security can benefit through building. At the end of this module, you will work with tracking items as they find their way through blockchain.

Dive Deeper into Dapps

In this module, you will learn how decentralized applications work. You will learn how to create triggers that will cause the Dapp to react based on external factors. At the end, you will get to apply what you have learned working with a Dapp designed for flight delay insurance.

Capstone Project

This is your moment to shine by putting together what you have learned to build your very own Dapp right from scratch. You will be given a property listing app theme with a few added features. The rest is up to you.

So how long does Udacity blockchain developer Nanodegree take to complete?

Sounds like a lot to pack up into this Udacity blockchain developer Nanodegree? While you are at liberty to set your own learning schedule and pace, Udacity estimates that it will take you four months to complete this course if you dedicate 10-15 hours per week to learning. While you are free to set your learning pace, it is important to note that a few of your projects will come with due dates that you are required to meet. That said, it is important that you set a learning schedule and consistently follow through with it to get the most out of this online program.

How much does Udacity blockchain developer Nanodegree cost?

Udacity has a unique approach to how it prices its courses, one that is put in place to ensure learners of all budgets can access their courses. You have two payment options for this, and other, online Udacity Nanodegree programs. Before describing the payment options, we are excited to inform you that Udacity is currently running an offer no matter the payment option you settle for, which comes with an entire month of FREE access to your course of choice.

Pay per month

As you can guess, this gives you access to the course on a monthly basis. Here, you will be billed $399 for each month of access to the course. While you also have a 50% discount to take advantage of. Keep in mind that the cost can easily add up if you take longer to complete the course.

Udacity deal

For this option, combined with the FREE month access, you are getting an excellent deal. Each month that it takes you to complete this course will cost you $339 when you opt for this plan. This deal comes as a bundle and you will be required to pay the whole amount in lump sum before beginning the course.

What learners say about this online blockchain course

Overall, this course has a rating of 4.5/5. Here is what previous learners had to say about the course:

I think its been great learning about different aspects of Blockchain since the start of the program. I am pretty happy and looking forward to meet and beat more challenges in upcoming projects and lessons in the program” – Shaheer F.

So far so good. This is my second attempt to clear this nanodegree, i enrolled last year when this program was divided into two terms, i was almost done with Term-1 at that time but could’t really finish it, Now it seems both terms are merged in one term. Excited to finish this program”– SHEIKH ATHER A.

This is a really good program for any one who wants to know about blockchain technology. I will always recommend this to everyone who is interested in the field.”– Deepanshu H.

A look at the job market

The power of blockchain is in its very early stages. As more complex and reusable algorithms are developed, more possibilities will come into the mix. Incorporating blockchain into business operations come with a full world of opportunity, which leaves those with this skill in high demand. According to a recent Blockchain Council survey, the average salary of a blockchain developer is in the range of $150,000 – $250,000. Like other tech related careers, a career in blockchain development will require you to continually develop your skills as the technology and systematic functions evolve.

So, is Udacity blockchain developer Nanodegree right for you?

Now that you have had the chance to take it all in, what is your final verdict? With the decision up to you, most of the points seem to check out that this is a great course. Udacity themselves have done some great groundbreaking in their attempt to stand out in the online learning sphere. Their skilled and experienced team of tutors and extras are priceless.

Talking about the job market, there is no better time to jump in than now. The sooner you begin building your knowledge base, the faster you will be on your way to starting out an exciting career as a blockchain developer. Take advantage of Udacity’s offer and begin forming your knowledge base today with this Blockchain Developer Nanodegree program.

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