Udacity C++ Nanodegree Program Review

C++ developers are not just another bunch of programmers. They are special; using a diverse programming language to work across different kinds of operating systems. C++ has a huge set of practical uses including software solutions and maintenance. As a C++ developer, you need to have sound foundation in the programming language as well as familiarity with different complex concepts, coupled with knowledge of other programming languages. You will handle a range of tasks including writing, editing, and analyzing codes, along with maintenance, organization, and automation development and documentation. You will also venture into the world of cyber security. For this, you only need to have a strong foundation and experience in a range of skills like algorithm writing and web development. C++ developers are huge assets to organizations that hire them to provide solutions to almost every problem that deals with online functions and operations.

Alongside the range of knowledge, C++ developers also need to have teamwork skills as most developers work in large teams to create solutions to complex organizational problems. As the demand for C++ programmers grows, so does the salary with numbers on the rise in recent times. Today, the average salary of an entry level C++ developer job in the US is $70,200. With experience, this salary grows higher and higher reaching upwards of $150,000.

Starting a career as a C++ developer may sound intimidating, but thanks to online courses like the C++ Nanodgree course from Udacity, a career change is possible. All you need to do enroll for this course and study at your pace and schedule from the convenience of your home or work. In this post, we review this online course, looking at the course content, structure, and extras to help you decide whether it is right for you.

About Udacity

Udacity is a popular online learning platform with an established reputation in the field of technology. They let anyone interested in the field acquire industry-tailored skills from the convenience of their homes or workplace. Today, Udacity have a large number of successful graduates, some of whom are employed by high-ranking multinationals. All Udacity’s online courses are developed in collaboration with technological giants and taught by industry experts. Read Udacity review here.

About Udacity Nanodegree Courses

When you sign up for an online course with Udacity, like the Cloud Developer Nanodegree program, you will not only get an in-depth curriculum but also attractive extras. These Udacity’s signature extras have brought the platform a lot of attention. Here are some of these extras:

  • Community support – you will get to interact with learners like you
  • Mentorship – Tech challenges will be no more with a mentor that is ready to give you a hand
  • Career help – your resume will be polished, LinkedIn profile reviewed, and taken through a mock interview in readiness for the job market
  • Projects – you will access real-world inspired projects to reinforce the skills you have learned.
  • Freedom – you will get to design your own learning schedule and learn at your convenience.

Who is this online course for?

This course is ideal for learners with beginner knowledge in C++ programming language as well as the intermediate level programming concepts. Base skills in operating systems and web development are crucial. Thanks to the more advanced C++ training you will receive, you will be able to seek employment in a range of industries including some of the fastest growing ones like robotic software, AI systems, and mobile communications. If any of these interest you then this might be the right online C++ course for you.

Course prerequisites

In order to successfully follow through with this online course from Udacity, it is recommended that you have intermediate knowledge of one or more programming languages. This program is more on the intermediate to advanced side, so beginners might to take FREE preparatory courses before enrolling for this C++ Nanodegree program.

The curriculum is divided into four different modules each with several lessons in between. Udacity recommends that you can complete this course in four months when you dedicate 10-15 learning hours per week.

Course instructors

This program would not receive its high ranking without the knowledgeable and experienced tutors. They come with years of experience in the IT industry with most of them working for top tier multinationals. Here are the instructors you will interact with during your study:

David Silver –

David is the head of curriculum for this course. He is a former research engineer at Ford

Stephen Welch –

Stephen is a content developer at Udacity as well as the self-driving engineering Nanodegree program.

Andreas Haja –

Andreas is an experienced C++ developer and engineer.

Course Content

C++ Foundation

This program begins with an introduction to the C++ programming language. This is where learners are introduced to developing C++ syntaxes. Students are also exposed to advanced C++ training, prompting them to access several files. Being the only foundation, you will gain enough knowledge in this section to execute the first 5 projects where you will be required to create a route planner with the C++ language, thus beginning your C++ programming journey.

Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

In this section of the course, you will work with generic templates and building classes to create C++ programs and learn object orientation. You will find tools that will help you create and arrange reusable coding strips to make your future programming easier. You will access practice building classes and interfaces  where you will apply all the knowledge learned from this and the previous sections to complete the second portfolio ready project.

Memory Management

You will use resource acquisition to create pointers, patterns, and references as well as other controls. This will help you understand the power of memory management. This section of the course takes you deeper into concepts where you will apply your newly acquired skills to create chatbots.


In this section of the course, you will run multiple execution paths in parallels as you learn how to work with threads. This is just the beginning as you will be required to manipulate those threads to create logic using the process that you have just launched. This is meant to help you understand the power of C++ and its ability to create concurrent programming.

Capstone Project

You will end this course with a Capstone project where you will work with the advanced language to create your own personal application. You will need all the skills you have learned throughout the course here. Your capstone project will be reviewed and graded by your instructors. Successful completion of your capstone project along with the feedback from your tutors means it is time for wrap up and graduation from this exciting online course with a Nanodegree certificate in C++ programming.

Course Duration

Being an online course, you will have the liberty to take as long as you wish to complete the course. Udacity estimates that you can complete this course within four months if you are setting aside 10-15 hours per week to learning. However, it is important to mention that this is only an estimate since everyone has their own learning pace.

Course Cost

Like other Udacity courses, the cost of this course depends on the amount of time you will take to complete it. This is because Udacity charges its courses on a monthly access basis. If you opt to pay as you go one month at a time, the cost is $399 per month. You can also opt for an upfront payment, which amounts to $1356. You can take advantage of a limited offer period and save 50% of when you purchase this course now!

Previous Learner’s experience with the course

Udacity enjoys a positive online presence. Though they have previously received questionable reviews, most learners had only positive things to say about this online C++ Nanodegree course. Overall, this course enjoys 4.6/5 star rating. You can also visit Quora or Reddit for specific reviews, or even find more feedback on the website. Here is what learners had to say about this course:

“I guess I expected to do a bit more than what I did with the initial project, code-wise. However, all that was really done was to decompose the route planning problem with respect to the A* algorithm. I did learn some new and cool things, such as utilizing build tools. I challenged myself to build the project locally instead of using the workspace, because I really wanted to learn and it worked well for me with some trial and error. Overall, I was looking for more insight and practice, and I believe this course provided that for me. It exceeded my expectations in some ways and challenged me. I enjoyed it.” Victor N.

“I’ll say everything to the point. This is very great program and you will definitely learn something new and advanced. The only problem I faced is if comparing the experience of ML foundation nanodegree(already graduated) to this one is there is a lots of reading material in c++ ND that I would like to be converted to videos, that will serve it in more convenient way. Rest, each and every part of program is awesome. Thank You Udacity Team :)” Paras V.

“I love the way is designed and the richness in content of nano degrees at Udacity. But I have a lot of problem trying to have projects on time. I think the knowledge acquired so far is not enough to do the project by myself, so I will continue working hard and will do the project later. My number one goal in taking this nano-degree is to learn C++ programming. I am not a fan of due date projects, but I am a fan of learning. Thanks! Regards, Francisco J. Virgen.” Francisco V.

Final thoughts

Udacity C++ Nanodegree program is a course for those who want to advance their knowledge of the C++ programming language. However, this should not encourage new learners who are willing to put in the extra effort to learn the basics along the way.

Signing up for this online course with Udacity is a great deal especially given the perks that come with it. Register for this Nanodegree today and start an exciting career as a well-rounded and knowledgeable C++ developer. Click here to receive 50% off on this course today!

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