Udacity Growth and Acquisition Strategy Nanodegree Review

There is no doubt that those with cutting-edge skills on how to boost traffic and overall business for organization are in high demand. There is not a single business out there that does not have an online presence, and professionals that know exactly how to amplify their exposure can be of huge help. Specialized strategies and techniques can be applied to the gathered data to create insights about how a growth strategy can turn out when applied, giving prior ideas into what certain plans can result in.

Picking up the skills to start an exciting career in this industry is not difficult, and thankfully is landing a dream job with the current demand for growth and acquisition professionals. While you will find hundreds on online courses that claim to offer growth acquisition skills, one stands out. We are talking about Growth Acquisition Strategy Nanodegree program from Udacity. To help you decide whether or not this online course from Udacity is for you, we have created a comprehensive course review and looked at what you can expect upon successful completion of the program. By the end of this post, you have all the information you need, only left with the decision to start your learning today.

About Udacity

Founded by two Stanford University professors in 2012, Udacity’s original goal was to provide university quality education to learners all around the world. Today, this online academy boasts of hundreds of tech and IT related courses and millions of graduates working for leading organizations. Apart from producing job-ready graduates, Udacity has also collaborated with giants like Google and Amazon in the creation of its programs.

Udacity course catalogue features several free and pain online courses known as Nanodegrees that focus on one topic and go in-depth to provide concepts and applications that relevant to the job market. Apart from a rich curriculum, each Nanodegree comes with a few extras that set this online learning platform apart from others.

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Setting the standard

Each Nanodegree program comes with a set of standards that set the bar high for online courses. Each program is facilitated by industry experts and a host of features that make it stand out in the online learning space. Each of these extras are aimed at increasing the learner’s success, adding incentive to choose Udacity over the other learning platforms. Here are these extras:

Freedom to set your own learning schedule and pace

Once you sign up for any Udacity Nanodegree program, you have complete control over your learning schedule. Log into your dashboard and learn at the time and time and place of your choosing. The only thing you need to keep in mind is your project due dates.

Real industry projects

Speaking of projects, each Nanodegree comes with a handful of projects to help you apply the skills you have learned. Each and every one of the projects you will work on closely mirrors actual challenges businesses face in their daily operations. Plus, nearly all the projects are actually developed in collaboration with real companies.

Knowledgeable mentor

Just in case you run into problems during your study, which is common for online learners, you will have a knowledgeable mentor by your side to help you out. You can reach out to your mentor any time for a prompt response.

A sense of community

All learners signed for Udacity Nanodegree courses have access to a learner’s forum where they can connect with other learners and brainstorm, seek help, or simply get social.

Career prep

Finally, upon successfully completion of your online studies at Udacity, you will be added to a career database where potential recruiters will access your profile and reach out to you. Before sending you out into the job market, Udacity’s career professionals will polish up your resume and LinkedIn profiles and even take you through a mock job interview to help you prepare for the actual one.

Course Prerequisites

This online course is suitable for pretty much everyone. However, it is not considered a beginner course. Your success as a learner will not be defined by your prior knowledge though Udacity recommended that you have the following basics before signing up:

  • Understanding and defining KPIs for purposes of tracking both success and progress
  • Data analytics including the use of Excel to visualize data
  • Excel functions that are applied in data analysis

If you do not have these basics, or need to brush up your skills, you can always browse through the platform’s course catalogue for free as well as applicable introductory Nanodegree courses.

Course Breakdown

This course is facilitated by Art Khlobystin, a Project lead manager at Microsoft. Art has over 10 years of experience in the industry, working with projects like the Windows 10 release as well as the EMEA enterprise project. He is currently working on the Azure Storage Platform.

While sharing his own experience, Art will introduce you to the skills and techniques used in the field. You will have an in-depth curriculum to follow through with as well as real examples that come with the opportunity to leave this course equipped and confident to land your first job. The course in divided into five modules, each of which is described in detail below:

Acquisition Funnels and Growth Loops

In this introductory module, you will learn about the powers of funneling and looping. You will learn how to apply these to create a successful acquisition strategy, one that will suit the product or organization you are working with.

Measuring and Optimizing Acquisition Performance

Taking the information you have gathered in the funnels and loops above, you will learn how to mold specific patterns, utilizing them to optimize the current strategy. You will also then be introduced to line expansion and layering to build up and enhance your skillset.

Defining the Audience and Channel

Strategy development is easy when you know your audience. In this module, you will learn how to define personas based on users’ clicking habits and the time they take on a site. This touches on the subject of behavioral psychology, a topic which you will use to build a better understanding of your audience and market as a whole.

A/B Testing

In this module, you will take the information you have acquired and learn how to test it. You will use hypothesis and analysis to get results that can help take you where you want your business to be.

Final: “To the Clouds”

The final module of this online course is the project. Here, you will take all the knowledge you have learned from the onset of the course straight to the fourth module and put together in your capacity as a growth project manager for an organization with B2B cloud infrastructure. You will be tasked with constructing an acquisition from ground up, defining the acquisition funnels while measuring the KPIs. Using this information, you will develop a strategy, create a hypothesis, and perform an A/B test for a successful product acquisition.

Course Duration

Udacity grants you the liberty to set your own learning schedule. That said, Udacity estimates that you can complete this course in just one month when you set aside 10-15 hours of study per week. Before getting started, it is important that you take a look at your work and family schedules to see how this course will fit in. This will help you stay on track and get the most out of this online course.

Course Cost

Before getting into the cost, let’s mention the promotion that Udacity is currently running. You are very lucky if you are considering signing up for this this course or in the days to come. And this is the promotion: Udacity is currently offering a 30% discount on this Nanodegree program! So, do not wait any longer, take advantage of this short time offer and sign up for this world class course without punching a hole in your pocket.

What previous learners say about this course

Previous users’ feedback can make or break up a course. They are extremely powerful and can influence future learners’ decision. In overall, Udacity enjoys a positive reputation online. But what about this Nanodegree program? Here are what previous learners had to say about it:

The projects in the Growth Product Manager Nanodegree program will prepare you to grow the user base and engagement of an established product. This Nanodegree program is perfect for Product Managers, Marketing Specialists, and Engineers who are already in growth-focused roles and want to further their skillset, as well as those who wish to break into the growth domain and help propel their company and product forward.” – Matt H.

This Nanodegree program equips you with the hone specialized product management skills and acquisition strategy. You are taught to build agile acquisition plan, which is in line with the market-based measurable KPIs. So, overall growth strategy of the product is managed and developed.” Paul A.

A look at the job market

Every business needs growth manager, especially in a competitive world where growth comes with lots of impact. The ability to take an in-depth analysis of the market and target the right audience plus, come up with deployable strategy with projections is an attractive skillset. According to comparably.com, the average salary of a growth and acquisition manager is $125,000. Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities for scooping up bonuses and landing higher paying roles as you scale the career ladder.

Final Thoughts

Technology has found its way into every single industry. The ability to engage the latest techniques to help businesses increase productivity is powerful. Just like other job, growth and acquisition managers need to keep up with advances, at technology evolves. This is a great time to start build up skills by signing up for this Growth and Acquisition Strategy Nanodegree program from Udacity.

Overall, Udacity scores high thanks to their reputation and the opportunities that they bring to their learners. Besides the in-depth curriculum, every one of Udacity’s Nanodegree programs come with extras that set this online learning platform apart. You are not just given the information and left on your own. Rather, you get assistance every step of the way.

If you are looking for an online course that can take your management skills to the next level, this is definitely your chance. And with a 30% discount that is bound to drop the course fees, there has never been a better time to sign up for Growth and Strategy Acquisition Nanodegree program from Udacity.

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