Udacity React Developer Nanodegree Review

React has been a major buzzword in the development world in recent years. With React, a developer can build an interface that is used for single page applications. React is also used for creating multiple layers within web pages making it instrumental for web application development as well as several other online databases.

With React, you can create pages without the need to refresh them. Utilizing JavaScript training, React is used by many developers making them an important asset for businesses that are recruiting React developers for front end development needs. React is also an excellent language for developers who do not have advanced programming training as it is one of the simplest programming languages to learn. If you are looking to master this JS library, consider enrolling for React Nanodegree program from Udacity.

So, what is React?

React, for starters, is a JavaScript Library that was first deployed in 2011 by Facebook Engineer, Jordan Walke with the idea of “Rethinking Best Practices.” React is still been maintained by Facebook. Over the years, React, along with Angular 2 and other JavaScript frameworks, has become the standard of front-end development. The major game changer that React brings to the front-end the concept of a virtual DOM and editing the state through the virtual DOM versus effecting direct changes to web pages. Without digging in deeper, it is safe to say React made things a lot faster thanks to this feature.

Examples of sites built using React.

Obviously, React is used by Facebook and Instagram as well as other websites like Coursera, Airbnb, Dropbox, Expedia, eBay, Netflix, Expedia, Reddit, and The New York Times. According to a Stack Overflow’s 2017 survey, there is a huge increase in the demand for React developers.

Why learn React?

Despite the strong competition from other JS frameworks like Angular and Vue.js, React still remains the developers’ favorite for building exciting mobile and web applications. Whether you are a developer looking to grow your knowledge or a business leader looking to improve your digital offering, there are plenty of reasons to learn React. Here are top six reasons why you should learn React.

React uses declarative syntax

React utilizes declarative rather than imperative syntax. This makes it easier to develop applications since you do not have to instruct the app how to represent the state. All you need to do is say what you would want to happen. It is quick, easy, and there is less room for human error when developing apps with React.

An amazing React community

React has a huge community of passionate developers who are dedicated to maintaining and growing the open-source library. The community also provides great tools for working with React such as React devtools and React Profiler.

React’s Reusable Components

Being component-based, React can greatly save you time and money on development. It is possible to break down an interface into reusable components that allow you to develop dynamic interfaces.

React is used by big organizations

There is a reason why React is extremely popular, and that has to do with the fact that many big companies as already mentioned. React was originally developed by Facebook who currently uses it in many of its applications like Instagram.

React is SEO-friendly

React is popularly recognized as a friendly JavaScript library for SEO purposes. While React in itself, just like all the other JS frameworks, is not SEO-friendly, React adopts SEO and its components are quite easy for Google to crawl.

React is easy to learn

Compared to other frameworks, libraries, and programming languages, React is quite easy to learn. It is quite intuitive and not as heavy as Angular. Even with basic JS knowledge, you can build beautiful applications in React with just a few days of learning.

Udacity React Nanodegree program review: Is this online React course worth your time and money?

Like with all other Udacity Nanodegrees, this program comes with a number of perks, and explore from surface to in-depth look into the capabilities you will have as a React Developer. In this review, we break down the course’s contents and look at Udacity platform with the goal of helping you decide whether this Nanodegree is right for you.

Why is Udacity React Nanodegree so famous?

Udacity (read review) is known for its hands-on courses that are created in collaboration with top tier corporations like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Learners take advantage of these partnerships during the learning process as well as after graduation to land their dream jobs. These corporations also help develop some of Udacity’s courses by integrating real-world work challenges into the learning process. Alongside the comprehensive curriculum, there are a number of extras offered by Udacity that make it one of the best online learning platforms. Here are some of these extras:

Flexible learning schedule

Udacity guarantees that learners are free to schedule their learning to their preference. This gives you open access to learning materials as long as you want, enabling you to tailor your learning to fit your work and family schedules. This is a great deal for those that are already working in the industry without interfering with their work.


Learning on your own can be challenging, and Udacity understands this. This is the platform assigns learners to knowledgeable mentors to walk with them through the learning process, answering any questions and cheering you to keep learning. Mentors also guide learners through the course to ensure that they successfully complete the online course within the recommended time.

Real-world projects

Every one of Udacity’s Nanodegree programs comes with hands-on projects that allow learners to apply the skills they have learned to solve. This is eventually added to their portfolio. Most often, these projects are created in collaboration with organizations that have a partnership with Udacity and mirror the very challenges learners will experience on the job. Some of Udacity courses also come with a Capstone Project at the end that requires learners to apply the knowledge they have learned to create functional projects and applications.

High employment rate for graduates

It is natural to think about employment after completing your React Nanodegree program. And 84% of Udacity graduates start new jobs within 6 months of completing their programs. This is thanks to the added perks that Udacity offers like interview preps, and resume and LinkedIn profile reviews, providing job assistance to learners and graduates to help them land their dream jobs.

Resume review

Learners submit their resumes to Career Service experts for review to make them appealing to potential employers. These experts are experienced and know what employers are looking for. As such, they can give you a competitive edge in the job market. Besides resume review, these experts will also provide you with the feedback that you can apply to your resume in the future.

Job prep through mock interview

You can also take advantage of this extra that will help you build confidence in readiness for the real job interview. Surveys indicate that most candidates find the interview process quite intimidating. Here, Udacity team member will take you through a mock interview, asking you the typical questions you are likely to encounter during the actual job interview and coach you through these questions. This will equip you with the confidence you need to put your best foot forward when introducing yourself to a future employer.

Social media review

LinkedIn is increasingly becoming a popular networking platform for professionals around the world. It is an excellent platform for showcasing your skills besides giving potential recruiters an opportunity to take a look into your personal interests. However, LinkedIn can also be a challenging platform and sometimes, professionals are not quite certain what to include and what to omit from their LinkedIn profiles. Udacity professionals will go through your LinkedIn profile to help you create an appealing profile that can position you at an advantage with potential recruiters.

Udacity talent program

Once you have successfully completed your React Nanodegree program, you can upload your resume into the database and join Udacity’s Talent Program. This is a great opportunity for recruiters from all over the world to view your profile and potentially approach you with an offer. Udacity also matches recruiters with candidates who meet the skillsets they are looking for.

A certificate from Udacity

Finally, you will receive a certificate on successful completion of your React Nanodegree program. This certificate has a lot of weight and good reputation to back it. The certificate will come with your name, Udacity seal, and a signature from the Udacity president. This certificate is available in PDF version that you can present to potential employers during your job interview.

Course Instructors

All Udacity Nanodegree instructors are experts with immense knowledge and experience in their respective subjects. These instructors facilitate different sections of the course based on their experience. Here are the instructors you will interact with in this React Nanodegree program.

Andrew Wong – A course instructor for both Udacity and App Academy

Tyler McGinnis – A former Developer at Google

Richard Kalehoff – Course Developer at Udacity

Course Instructors

Find the right course – select a topic you truly enjoy

Do not rush – Dedicate adequate time to master the course’s tutorials. After all, you are expected to pay attention, concentrate, and study.

Review course materials – this will help you pass the Final exam and retain the concepts you have learned.

Do not be afraid to ask questions – Coursera has a wonderful platform for learners who want to clarify some concepts and discuss the lectures.

Is Udacity React Nanodegree program right for me?

This Nanodegree program is ideal for any developer looking to enhance their skills and land a dream job at a top-tier company. The methods and technologies used within this course keep developers up to date with the latest concepts in this JS library. A strong skillset coupled with this React course is guaranteed to give you a competitive edge as JS remains one of the top programming languages. This is perfect for developers who are already attached to companies giving them additional skillsets they need to move up the ladder. As a knowledgeable React Developer, you will be able to help organizations of all sizes and industries realize their goals by ensuring that they run more efficiently and effectively. This course also gives learners the opportunity to learn from industry experts and network with other learners from around the world.

Course Curriculum in Detail

Udacity classifies this 4-month React Nanodegree program as an intermediate course. During the course, you will be introduced to the basics of React and learn how to use it in order to build intuitive web applications using HTML, CSS, and Java. Udacity recommends that you have some HTML, CSS, and JavaScript training prior to enrolling for this online course. Experience in GIT is an added advantage. Learn about free Udacity courses that can help you prep for this Nanodegree program.

The entire course is broken down to three modules that come with several lessons. As already mentioned, it takes 4 months to complete this course if you dedicate 10 to 15 hours per week to learning.

Here are the three React Nanodegree program modules:

Build an App using React

In this section, you will learn how to use React to build a bookshelf. You will create three different sections in your bookshelf (currently reading, want to read, and read). This is an excellent introductory project that allows you to use React’s powerful state change feature to build a dynamic application that lets you switch books from one bookshelf to the next. In this module, you will also learn about React-Router, which allows you to navigate to different urls on a React application.

Build an App using React and Redux

The second module is really the heart of this Nanodegree program. Here you will focus on understanding Redux’s way of doing stuff. Building applications using React is great, but if you are going to build large scale applications, you better learn how to use Redux and React. Redux is a predictable state container for JS applications. In layman terms, this gives you a certain structure for managing your React applications, thus allowing your applications to scale without the code running into problems.

In this module, your project will involve making an anonymous reddit-like app where anyone can add, edit, or delete posts as well as vote those comments and posts. This project requires you to master how to perform all the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations using Redux and React.

Building a mobile (Android and iOS) app using React Native

The final module is based on React Native. As already mentioned, React Native is its own thing and, depending on what you are interested in accomplishing, this might or might not be relevant to you. This is a great section for those who are keen to understand how development on mobile works.

In this module, your project will involve building a Flashcard app where you will create decks of cards which you can use to quiz yourself.

How much is React Nanodegree program?

Udacity courses are competitively priced, especially given the added extras like job assistance that come with the programs. There are two course payment options, one that requires you to complete the course within the recommended four months. This option gives you a 4-month access to the course at a cost of $1,436, which translates to $359/month. If you are unable to raise this amount upfront, you can opt for the access by month option. In this option, you will be charged $399 for every month of access to the program. However, it is important to note that the longer you take to complete the course, the more you will pay if you opt for this option.

What previous learners say about Udacity React Nanodegree program

Currently, the course is rated 4.6 out of 5 by 600 learners. Here is what previous learners had to say about this Nanodegree program:

“It very much meet my expectation although the delivery for the Redux topic could probably improved in terms of its content. The example project has in my opinion medium-level of difficulty but it is complicated by non-Redux stuff that could probably be do away with or done in a lesser degree. It would be better that Redux could be done in a very simple project first and then move up with middle-level-type of difficulty project with api content also for fetching/updating data.” Edper C.

“Through this program, I found out how messed up was my state management in my previous development process. I was able to build an application with proper management of its state and optimized code. I was able to build application which some of them was same with a real world application. I had no such knowledge with React at first and had a difficulty on learning on my own. But through this program, it made my learning at ease. The reviews at the end of each project submissions were also great since it helps the students improve their work. Great experience I had with this Nano degree course!” Kevien F.

“I do recommend the React Nanodegree by Udacity. It really took my existing React knowledge to the next level but you also get to be part of the community behind the course which is great. My mentor was helpful and replied fast and relevant to my questions which got me unblocked in no time. A word of warning though, the course is intense and you need an adequate level of skill before beginning. I recommend this to professional developers at every level who want to learn the in’s and out’s of React. It requires a fair amount of sustained effort during the 3 months so if you’re doing it alongside your existing job it will be very challenging. Overall, it was a great experience!” Tudor T.

Udacity React Nanodegree review: Final thoughts

Taking every consideration into account, this Nanodegree program is certainly worth your time and money. While it does not offer an in-depth React training, it gives you the chance to brush up your skills and learn new applications for React Native. Not to mention all the extras that comes with signing up for Udacity Nanodegree programs. Learners can be confident of landing their dream jobs after successful completion of this program. All you need to do is set aside adequate time to complete the program within the recommended time frame to avoid paying more than necessary for the course. With the skills you will learn from this Nanodegree program, there are several top-tier companies waiting to take you on board. If a career as a developer is your dream job, then this is the perfect time to enroll for Udacity React Nanodegree program and receive a 50% discount on this course. Plus, Udacity is also offering financial support to this and other Nanodegree programs. So, do not wait any longer, sign up for this course today and kick-start your journey to becoming a most sought-after React Developer.

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