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Is Python a good programming language to learn in 2022?

How to learn Python

Python is an easy-to-learn general purpose programming language that has applications in data science, web development and software prototype creation among others. In fact, Python may be a great programming language for beginners who are just getting started. How so? Well, because Python is all about code readability. This programming language uses simple syntax so even people without coding experience can understand the commands that are written in simple English. Despite its simplicity, Python is one of the most powerful programming languages used by websites like Dropbox and YouTube.

Is Python a good programming language to learn in 2022?

It is simple

There is power in simplicity and this is what makes Python so powerful. Unlike other programming languages, you do not need complex syntax. You will only need simple to understand English commands to hack it with Python. For startups working on a tight budget, non-tech experts can learn and implement Python to solve problems.

It is portability

Python is considered a portable programming language. It is a high-level language so it can be used in different operating systems with ease. Unlike other languages, moving it to another operating system is easy without making any adjustments to the code.

It is scalable

Scalability is important for programmers because it allows them to build larger programs with the existing data. Python comes with already built data structures. The existing structures can be extended to scale the program to suit changing needs of the use. Thus, it is possible to use Python when building large-scale projects.

It is fast

Python was not initially considered a fast programming language. However, it continues to improve. The fact that it is interactive, portable, and scalable means that you can execute tasks fast. Since the code is simple you also do not need to spend a lot of time understanding it.

Is Python better than other programming languages?

Python vs. Java

Python involves interpreted language so it is easy to use and learn. Java on the other hand includes statistics and complied language making it a little bit complicated for beginner programmers. However, in terms of speed, Java is faster than Python.

Python vs. JavaScript

Python is a backend language and it is mostly used for server management. JavaScript is a front-end programming language and it is also great for mobile development. Python is not good for mobile development projects.

Python vs.  C++

Python is great for prototyping because the code is small while prototyping in C++ can be challenging due to the code size. With Python, you get an inbuilt garbage collection while with C++ you do not need a garbage collector since it is a clean code.

Python vs. PHP

Both Python and PHP are used for backend web development. They are the most preferred programming languages for beginners. When working on a long-term project that might need to be scaled using PHP is the best.

Python vs. Django

Python and Django are very similar but not the same. Python is versatile and can be used in many applications like data analysis and artificial intelligence. Django on the other hand is a framework that is focused on web application and server development.

Top reasons to learn Python

As of now, you are probably asking the question: “why should I learn Python?” Well, this section highlights some of the reasons why you should consider learning Python:

Python is free

Yes, you read that right! Python is free to use and distribute, even for commercial use.

It is a good programming language for beginners

Python is a good programming language for beginners. It is simple but not basic. Unlike HTML and PHP that are basic, Python is a good entry-level program. It introduces you to programming but at the same time gives you credibility.

It is used in many applications

Learning Python will introduce you to many things. Unlike many entry-level languages that are focused on web development, Python is versatile. You will be able to grow your career in artificial intelligence, data analysis, and other interesting fields.

It is easy to learn

Python is easy to learn even for non-tech experts. If you are interested in starting your programming journey without feeling intimidated then Python is a good place to start. The syntax is simple and uses English commands so everyone can learn. This makes it quite easy to learn Python online at your pace and convenience.

It is gaining popularity

From the stats, Python is quickly gaining popularity. The importance of Python had been ignored for years but from 2010 it started gaining popularity. If you want to start a career in programming learning Python will put you ahead of other candidates.

Best online Python courses

Ready to learn Python online? Here are some of the best online Python courses for your consideration.

Best Python courses for beginners

Best Python courses for intermediate learners

Best Python courses for advanced learners

Is Python worth learning?

Python is a beginner-friendly programming language even for folks who want to get into the programming world. It is easy to learn because it uses simple code that is easy to understand. However, it is used in different applications making it a great versatile language.

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